For Those Keeping Score

I didn't make a home run this month. I'm happy I'm back on the right path though. Giving up coffee for me is huge. I've also been working on giving up dairy, and I've read up on another herb or two I should take to build up my Spleen Qi to increase my luteal phase and other getting older symptoms. I'm going to pick up some astragalus and atractylodes. I'm not going to take ginseng, as from what I've read that would be contraindicated for my heat symptoms I have as well. I'm just one big science experiment!

Went shopping a little yesterday and found some great sales at Ann Taylor. Spent less than $200 and got a black pencil skirt, black dress pants that fit awesome, black gaucho pants in the best silkyish fabric ever, and two v-neck sleeveless summer sweaters. I'm wearing the pencil skirt and one of the v-neck sleeveless sweaters. I feel like a million bucks.


Sorry it wasn't your month Heather. Giving up coffee would be hard for me as well - I know they say you get used not drinking it but it's hard to give up something you've doing for nearly 20 years.

I've never heard of astragalus and atractylodes but I'll look into them.
Bronwyn said…
You're a better woman than I, Gunga Din, for giving up coffee. I seriously don't think I could do it! I don't drink a lot, but I really enjoy that first cup in the morning (and something that is that enjoyable just has to bad for you, right?!). Good luck with the herbal treatments. I'll be very interested to hear how that goes, as I may give them a whirl for my peri/pre/post-menopausal symptoms. Hot flashes and 90 degree weather is not a very pleasant combination!
kati said…
I've tried to give up wheat and coffee once for a while, but didn't really notice a difference in well-being/cycle. Are your cycles immediatly getting better once you've given them up? I wish you the best of luck for the coming cycles.

...and enjoy your new outfits :)

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