Friday, February 24, 2006

Some Mice Died, No Rabbits Did

Which is good, I guess as I think rabbits are really cute. Mice on the other hand, I'm finding freak me out. I actually saw one bold and brazen in my pantry last night going after the bait box Terminix left two days ago. He had a friend that was dead yesterday morning in my kitchen from eating the poison in the bait box. Terminix thought we probably only had one. I believe there was more than two, as the bait box was not in the same position as my DH left it last night. When I saw the mouse in the pantry, DH got his heavy gloves on and picked up the bait box when it was inside and dumped him out in the yard. I wonder who is left. I'm just getting sick of cleaning up mouse turds. I swear they are all over my kitchen. It seems to have gotten worse before it gets better. I hope this one ends soon.

On the no rabbits dying, my temp dropped today. No need to do OPK. AF will be here soon. I'm not really thinking it's important for that to work anyway. Now that our address is in PA, we're going to begin persuing adoption.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Two-Week Wait Almost Over

I'm due for AF on Saturday, as I'm currently 12 DPO. I'm not seeing anything terrific in my chart that is telling me I'm pregnant, like that triphastic chart we all hear about. I'm just kind of holding steady. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I do have 3 HPTs that I moved to the new house, so I'm debating on testing tomorrow if my temps don't drop. I might as well, considering they may expire by the time I see something that would really make me feel like testing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's Getting Better all the Time

Great morning! Woke up in new house, on floor, but happy. Took shower in new 5'x5' shower in master bathroom and got dressed in the one work outfit I brought over last night. Woke up Phoebe and we got her together and we all ate breakfast in our new kitchen on the new counter stools we bought in Philadelphia this weekend. We ate on the new dishes we bought on sale at the mall yesterday that match the decor of our new kitchen. The old dishes are still at the old house and I think will be going to Goodwill. They are Corelle dishes we bought when we first got married over 11 years ago. Drove to work/Phoebe's school on our new commute. Beautiful country roads the whole way. While we were driving in "Band on the Run" by Paul McCartney and Wings! My favorite song of all time!!! Yeah, I'm a little odd, so Phoebe had to listen to me sing at the top of my lungs, poor kid. I think she likes it too.

Well I need coffee right now. I'm at work, and have lots to get done today. Tom's working from the new house today. I setup our cable modem and router last night, so we have high-speed Internet access at the new house! Pics from the house will be posted soon. Terminix is coming to the new house today to get rid of the pesky rodent that is making us keep any pantry items in tupperware or the microwave.

So things are odd with the new house situation, but I've never been happier. Oh wait, I will be when I don't own two houses!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Updates - Tough Week

I can't wait to get back to the joys as part of Joys In My Life. Here have been some of the joys:
  • Making Valentine's with Phoebe. We used good stock red cardboard paper, white paper doilies, and glitter glue. Lots of fun. We've always bought the V-Day packages like "Disney Princesses, Spongebob, etc. I wanted to make our own as Phoebe loves to do crafts. We had a great time, and she loved how they turned out.
  • Singing a lulluby to Phoebe on request. I sang "Bizzare Love Triange" more Frente's version than New Order.
  • Helping Phoebe move her Bitty Baby toys/furniture to her first playroom in the new house. They were all in her bedroom in the old house.
  • Got my central vacuum kit for the new house and vacuumed the family room. It's pretty cool.
  • Had garage door openers installed in new house
  • Had two house showings today, one currently scheduled for tomorrow.
  • Seem to have made a new friend at the kitchen appliance store. We're having drinks tonight. I haven't gone out for drinks after work in ages! Tom is picking up Phoebe from school for me today.

Things not so joyous:

  • Sitting in the new house all day Tuesday to find out at the end of the day that the window workers were there and left as there was too much snow to setup their ladders. Of course they didn't tell anyone, and no one knew this until 4:30 PM.
  • Having no high-speed Internet access at the new house, so any time spent there waiting for workers, I cannot access work systems or blogs while there. I spent all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday at the new house.
  • No offers on old house yet. May be dropping price today. Waiting to hear from realtor on any current appointments, if they are repeat before we drop.
  • Haven't ordered stove and fridge for new house yet as we're trying to hold onto nest egg in case we need to pay two mortgages. We do have a wall oven and microwave installed currently and we brought over a small fridge leftover from college days. Ooooh, but a joy in this is that the stove we are planning to order is a Wolf 1 1/2 oven 6 burner stove, so we'll have a total of 2 1/2 ovens in this kitchen, and we're planning to buy the new SubZero fridge/freezer with the glass door on fridge side. It's lovely. Can you tell we're building our dream kitchen????

Other updates, I'm in my two-week wait. As usual, we have some pretty good chances going on. Hope my body is doing something with the chances DH and I have provided. K&G are doing very well. She was six weeks on Tuesday and has an ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully she'll be reporting a very strong heartbeat!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Kind of a Big Let Down

Sorry I haven't been around. We signed on the house on Friday and I'm feeling a little bit depressed about it. It's such a let down that we aren't moving our furniture and stuff in right away in order to try to sell our house sooner rather than later. We stayed overnight on Friday night. Tom's parents came over to the new house that afternoon and stayed until late. Our friends K&G came over for a drink. Considering K's condition, I told her it was BYOO (Bring Your Own O'Douls).

We stayed at the old house Saturday night as it was snowing here on the east coast. We got about 12 inches overnight and shoveled the old house to make sure we're ready for any appointments. The Saturday appointment didn't seem to show up and the Sunday appointment canceled. Disappointed about the Sunday appointment especially as it was our first repeat visit. We haven't had many appointments during the week. They've mostly been on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm hoping we have some more visits during this week, as opposed to people waiting for the next weekend.

Sorry if this is so blah. I kind of need to get this out of my sysytem. It's just a big let down that I've been working so hard to get things ready for the new house and trying to keep the old house clean for house showings. I don't feel like I'm enjoying this current state of affairs at all, and I'm starting not to be much fun as a wife and mother. I'm going to try to take this 15 minutes at a time today. I'm sure I'll be feeling better soon.

BTW, K is doing very well. She has an ultrasound the end of this week. She'll be 6 weeks along tomorrow, so hopefully her and her DH will see a cute little heartbeat at the ultrasound and that'll relieve her mind a little. Her mom apparently had a few blighted ovums, and she's been worried that something may go wrong like it did last time.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Wonderful News

I have the most fabulous news ever, so you'll have to excuse by wine-blogging. I can't call it "beer-blogging" like "beer-goggling," as I don't touch beer with a ten foot pole.

Remember our best friends K & G where K had a miscarriage last month? Well, she's pregnant! She called me last night saying that she's been taking her temps this past month as I instructed her and wanted to know how long they should stay high, as she'd been high for 18 days. I told her to take a test in the morning and let me know.

During the day, I was going crazy with anticipation. I called her on her cell and left a message for her to call me on her break. She did and told me it was positive and she'd had the doctor do a blood test and it was over 700! I told her that was fabulous. She didn't know how fabulous. I think she's in shock.

So I have a question for my fellow secondary infertiles out there. Are you happy when friends and family have been trying hard for one and make it? I am. I think I have more of my little green monster come out when friends and family don't have issues adding on to their existing family. I think it's because I have Phoebe.

But this baby will be very special to us. They are our best friends. I'm starting to think of a quilt pattern to make for the baby once we move into the new house. So, congrats to K&G, our best pals. They will be some of the best parents ever! I'm positive this one is going to work out for them. Those are just fabulous numbers!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Officially Over

Well yesterday afternoon, Spot left and her owner Aunt Flo showed up. I'm doing OK. It's probably for the best as I'm going to need to pull my weight in the moving aspect as Tom's really busy with work and school. I'm really happy that I didn't have any lower back pain in my PMS symptoms this month. So there's another PMS symptom that I've successfuly gotten rid of.

I'm thinking at this point, I'd like to go back to the same acupuncturist I was seeing before, and have her check me out and put me on whatever herbs she thinks I should be on at this point. I don't have the time to go to the acupuncturist weekly, so I'd have to make it biweekly or monthly at this point, but just to get me on the right herbs. I'm not as happy with my chart temps this month. I ovulated on Day 14 (I think, I overrided FF's Day 17), but my temps didn't jump up as high as they used to. We'll see what happens this month.

On the other side, no offers on the house yet, although someone came 3 hours late to their appointment. They showed up at 6:30 PM last night, right after we made dinner. Augh!