It's Getting Better all the Time

Great morning! Woke up in new house, on floor, but happy. Took shower in new 5'x5' shower in master bathroom and got dressed in the one work outfit I brought over last night. Woke up Phoebe and we got her together and we all ate breakfast in our new kitchen on the new counter stools we bought in Philadelphia this weekend. We ate on the new dishes we bought on sale at the mall yesterday that match the decor of our new kitchen. The old dishes are still at the old house and I think will be going to Goodwill. They are Corelle dishes we bought when we first got married over 11 years ago. Drove to work/Phoebe's school on our new commute. Beautiful country roads the whole way. While we were driving in "Band on the Run" by Paul McCartney and Wings! My favorite song of all time!!! Yeah, I'm a little odd, so Phoebe had to listen to me sing at the top of my lungs, poor kid. I think she likes it too.

Well I need coffee right now. I'm at work, and have lots to get done today. Tom's working from the new house today. I setup our cable modem and router last night, so we have high-speed Internet access at the new house! Pics from the house will be posted soon. Terminix is coming to the new house today to get rid of the pesky rodent that is making us keep any pantry items in tupperware or the microwave.

So things are odd with the new house situation, but I've never been happier. Oh wait, I will be when I don't own two houses!


Oh Heather you crack me up. I did the new dishes thing too when we moved into our new house. That was quickly followed by the new silverware and then the new dining room set. Sometimes you just have to do that. Glad your feeling better about things - this too shall pass. I'm sure the old house will sell soon.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see the pics.
Emily aka madmommy
Crystal said…
Wow, what a huge shower. Mine is only 3by3...maybe. :o)

Awesome. Post the pics when you get a chance, I love looking at pics of new house and since I saw the pics of it getting built, you have to post update pics!

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