Updates - Tough Week

I can't wait to get back to the joys as part of Joys In My Life. Here have been some of the joys:
  • Making Valentine's with Phoebe. We used good stock red cardboard paper, white paper doilies, and glitter glue. Lots of fun. We've always bought the V-Day packages like "Disney Princesses, Spongebob, etc. I wanted to make our own as Phoebe loves to do crafts. We had a great time, and she loved how they turned out.
  • Singing a lulluby to Phoebe on request. I sang "Bizzare Love Triange" more Frente's version than New Order.
  • Helping Phoebe move her Bitty Baby toys/furniture to her first playroom in the new house. They were all in her bedroom in the old house.
  • Got my central vacuum kit for the new house and vacuumed the family room. It's pretty cool.
  • Had garage door openers installed in new house
  • Had two house showings today, one currently scheduled for tomorrow.
  • Seem to have made a new friend at the kitchen appliance store. We're having drinks tonight. I haven't gone out for drinks after work in ages! Tom is picking up Phoebe from school for me today.

Things not so joyous:

  • Sitting in the new house all day Tuesday to find out at the end of the day that the window workers were there and left as there was too much snow to setup their ladders. Of course they didn't tell anyone, and no one knew this until 4:30 PM.
  • Having no high-speed Internet access at the new house, so any time spent there waiting for workers, I cannot access work systems or blogs while there. I spent all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday at the new house.
  • No offers on old house yet. May be dropping price today. Waiting to hear from realtor on any current appointments, if they are repeat before we drop.
  • Haven't ordered stove and fridge for new house yet as we're trying to hold onto nest egg in case we need to pay two mortgages. We do have a wall oven and microwave installed currently and we brought over a small fridge leftover from college days. Ooooh, but a joy in this is that the stove we are planning to order is a Wolf 1 1/2 oven 6 burner stove, so we'll have a total of 2 1/2 ovens in this kitchen, and we're planning to buy the new SubZero fridge/freezer with the glass door on fridge side. It's lovely. Can you tell we're building our dream kitchen????

Other updates, I'm in my two-week wait. As usual, we have some pretty good chances going on. Hope my body is doing something with the chances DH and I have provided. K&G are doing very well. She was six weeks on Tuesday and has an ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully she'll be reporting a very strong heartbeat!


Crystal said…
Well, here's to hoping your two week wait is successful! Here's to conception!
BillieS said…
Your kitchen sounds wonderful. I wish you many happy meals for family and friends in that kitchen.
Anonymous said…
Hopefully this will be the month.Good luck on the house I hope one of these appointments are a repeat showing.
Emily aka madmommy

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