Officially Over

Well yesterday afternoon, Spot left and her owner Aunt Flo showed up. I'm doing OK. It's probably for the best as I'm going to need to pull my weight in the moving aspect as Tom's really busy with work and school. I'm really happy that I didn't have any lower back pain in my PMS symptoms this month. So there's another PMS symptom that I've successfuly gotten rid of.

I'm thinking at this point, I'd like to go back to the same acupuncturist I was seeing before, and have her check me out and put me on whatever herbs she thinks I should be on at this point. I don't have the time to go to the acupuncturist weekly, so I'd have to make it biweekly or monthly at this point, but just to get me on the right herbs. I'm not as happy with my chart temps this month. I ovulated on Day 14 (I think, I overrided FF's Day 17), but my temps didn't jump up as high as they used to. We'll see what happens this month.

On the other side, no offers on the house yet, although someone came 3 hours late to their appointment. They showed up at 6:30 PM last night, right after we made dinner. Augh!


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So sorry it didn't work out this month Heather - I'll keep my fingers crossed for next month.
Crystal said…
I'm so sorry Heather. AF sucks. I'm on my period too. Hugssssss.

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