Kind of a Big Let Down

Sorry I haven't been around. We signed on the house on Friday and I'm feeling a little bit depressed about it. It's such a let down that we aren't moving our furniture and stuff in right away in order to try to sell our house sooner rather than later. We stayed overnight on Friday night. Tom's parents came over to the new house that afternoon and stayed until late. Our friends K&G came over for a drink. Considering K's condition, I told her it was BYOO (Bring Your Own O'Douls).

We stayed at the old house Saturday night as it was snowing here on the east coast. We got about 12 inches overnight and shoveled the old house to make sure we're ready for any appointments. The Saturday appointment didn't seem to show up and the Sunday appointment canceled. Disappointed about the Sunday appointment especially as it was our first repeat visit. We haven't had many appointments during the week. They've mostly been on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm hoping we have some more visits during this week, as opposed to people waiting for the next weekend.

Sorry if this is so blah. I kind of need to get this out of my sysytem. It's just a big let down that I've been working so hard to get things ready for the new house and trying to keep the old house clean for house showings. I don't feel like I'm enjoying this current state of affairs at all, and I'm starting not to be much fun as a wife and mother. I'm going to try to take this 15 minutes at a time today. I'm sure I'll be feeling better soon.

BTW, K is doing very well. She has an ultrasound the end of this week. She'll be 6 weeks along tomorrow, so hopefully her and her DH will see a cute little heartbeat at the ultrasound and that'll relieve her mind a little. Her mom apparently had a few blighted ovums, and she's been worried that something may go wrong like it did last time.


MoMo said…
Here's hoping you sell the house soon -- and start feeling like your old self in no time!
Moo Moo said…
HI... just wanted to let you know.. that the prvious owner of our house had moved out most of his things.. and when we were looking at the house.. it was much easier to visualize where OUR things would go.. while I am not saying to empty the old house.. you might be able to move in things into the new, so that potential buyers would have a "cleaner slate" in which to visualize their belongings.. it definitely helped us.
Anonymous said…
I hope you sell the house soon.
Emily aka madmommy
Ah Heather that stinks that you haven't moved your stuff yet. We built our house a year and a half ago and I know how excited we were to move in - visiting the house everyday to see the progress etc. I didn't even want to go back to the old house to get our stuff - let alone spend the night. I hope it sells soon for you so you can get on with your life.

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