Wonderful News

I have the most fabulous news ever, so you'll have to excuse by wine-blogging. I can't call it "beer-blogging" like "beer-goggling," as I don't touch beer with a ten foot pole.

Remember our best friends K & G where K had a miscarriage last month? Well, she's pregnant! She called me last night saying that she's been taking her temps this past month as I instructed her and wanted to know how long they should stay high, as she'd been high for 18 days. I told her to take a test in the morning and let me know.

During the day, I was going crazy with anticipation. I called her on her cell and left a message for her to call me on her break. She did and told me it was positive and she'd had the doctor do a blood test and it was over 700! I told her that was fabulous. She didn't know how fabulous. I think she's in shock.

So I have a question for my fellow secondary infertiles out there. Are you happy when friends and family have been trying hard for one and make it? I am. I think I have more of my little green monster come out when friends and family don't have issues adding on to their existing family. I think it's because I have Phoebe.

But this baby will be very special to us. They are our best friends. I'm starting to think of a quilt pattern to make for the baby once we move into the new house. So, congrats to K&G, our best pals. They will be some of the best parents ever! I'm positive this one is going to work out for them. Those are just fabulous numbers!


That's really great!! I try to be happy to everyone who's having a baby - it's such an exciting time. It's hard to keep the green monster in check but I think it's healthier all around for you to be happy.
Jessica said…
That is wonderful news. I agree with you,IF is so hard to deal with, it makes me happy when people that have struggled for a long time finally make it.
How about an update on the new house....pictures??
Anonymous said…
Great news for your friends.
Emily aka madmommy
kati said…
I actually have a hard time with pregnancy envy or more broadly envy of reproductive health. And although it's mostly with people who have no problems adding to their family (as I have one daughter), it comes up with others, too. Not always, but unfortunately often enough.

I think it's great that you're so happy for your friend!

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