Some Mice Died, No Rabbits Did

Which is good, I guess as I think rabbits are really cute. Mice on the other hand, I'm finding freak me out. I actually saw one bold and brazen in my pantry last night going after the bait box Terminix left two days ago. He had a friend that was dead yesterday morning in my kitchen from eating the poison in the bait box. Terminix thought we probably only had one. I believe there was more than two, as the bait box was not in the same position as my DH left it last night. When I saw the mouse in the pantry, DH got his heavy gloves on and picked up the bait box when it was inside and dumped him out in the yard. I wonder who is left. I'm just getting sick of cleaning up mouse turds. I swear they are all over my kitchen. It seems to have gotten worse before it gets better. I hope this one ends soon.

On the no rabbits dying, my temp dropped today. No need to do OPK. AF will be here soon. I'm not really thinking it's important for that to work anyway. Now that our address is in PA, we're going to begin persuing adoption.


Sorry to hear about your temp but congrats on the looking into adoption! How very exciting.

Uggh. I can't believe the terminex guy told you he thought you only had one mouse! It's not like they are "loners". Where there is 1 there is 10 - that said, I hope you don't have 10! I know how awful that is - we had mouse issues in our old house. I had to re-wash our dishes to use them. It's horrible. I hope you catch them all soon so you can enjoy your beautiful new house.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the adoption.
Emily aka madmommy
cat said…
Damn sorry about the temp drop. It is wonderful that you are looking into adoption however and I wish you a lot of luck with the whole process.
Crystal said…
I'm so sorry. I'm expecting my temp drop in a few days. :o( Hugs and keep us posted on any adoption plans!
The Queen Mama said…
Yechhh, mice. We once had one. Thank God it was only one.

Sorry about AF. Good luck with seeking adoption! That's very exciting.
Mandy said…
I was so sorry to read that this wasn't your month. :( I am with you on looking into adoption, though. It is really a positive move forward. It looks like we will probably be doing the same when my soldier is home from this deployment. d
Lisa said…
Gross. Delurking here to tell you we just had the exact same problem. We also thought we only had one but after putting out a ton of those snap traps so far the count is 21. Isnt that unbelievable. We only saw mouse poop in one cabinet so the thought is that they were living in the attic eating insulation or even worse our wood and wiring. So far its been a week and all the traps are empty. So good luck I know how disgusting it is!!!!!!

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