Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Is Phoebe Psychic?

Phoebe has been obsessed with tornados over the past few months. And it's not that she's watched The Wizard of Oz recently. The first time she watched it was over two years ago. But since we've moved to Landenberg whenever we have a strong thunderstorm with high winds, she swears we're going to have a tornado and starts crying and is really hard to console. She even went so far as to tell my parents in the Poconos that she wants to move in with them because I happened to mention that the mountains protect you from tornados from forming.

Well, check this news report out! This tornado touched down yesterday evening around the corner from our house!!! Tom started to mention it this morning and I stopped him with my hands waving violently around "Please, stop!!!" because Phoebe was in the room. She asked "What happened?" and we instantly changed the topic. My mom told me to tell her our house is "tornado-proof." I may need to if she hears about this at school.

So, the question is.... Did she know something we didn't know??? BTW, I don't know if I ever mentioned, but she is named after a character on TV that is a witch that has visions of the future. LOL!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Day of School/Back To Work

Phoebe had her first day of school yesterday and I think she really liked it. As usual, it was hard to get information out of her about what she did. She goes to the YMCA for a morning program and then they bus her over to PM Kindergarten. After school, she's in the cafeteria with the YMCA afterschool program. She eats her packed lunch at the Y and then has a snack she has to bring at the after school program.

We asked her if she made any friends at the YMCA, and she said no, but this morning Tom found out she did make a friend named Heather and they hugged each other when he dropped her off and they went to circle time holding hands. That made me feel much better, because both Tom and I were not happy with the chaos we witnessed at the morning program yesterday. I tried to remind myself it was the first day back to school and everyone was trying to get their bearings and all the kids were over excited about the first day of Kindergarten.

She really liked the bus ride to school and told us they have lap seat belts and sat right up front behind the driver. We also were able to nudge out of her that the "Creative Movement" special activity at Kindergarten is with a different teacher than her homeroom teacher and that they were all on the stage and in lines and had to move to different areas of the stage if they agreed with something the teacher said like "I like ice cream" or "who has hair". We also found out she played on the playground in the after school program and then they played games in the cafeteria.

One way to tell the success of the day was that Phoebe was really tired when we got home. We could barely get her to sit up straight during dinner, and she went to bed with no need for reminders not to play or look at books. She did wake up in the middle of the night and came into our bed from a bad dream. I sent her back into her own room when our alarm started going off around 5:30 AM. We try to let her sleep until 7 AM, but she woke up early.

BTW, I love Tom on this break from school. He's been awesome! Very helpful with dinner, putting Phoebe's stuff together, etc. We've also agreed that he will take Phoebe to school and I'll pick her up, which is awesome! I haven't had to do both drop off and pick up duties in a long time. Not since he started working from home and going back to school himself. I could get used to this!

I went back to work yesterday, and got a rental car until mine is fixed. I really, really miss my car. I don't like the windshield of this car. It's too small and I feel like it blocks my view a lot. Work was good, but I had a bit of a headache by the end of the day, so we both chilled out last night after cleaning up from dinner, getting things ready for the morning and getting Phoebe ready for bed.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

First Day of School Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Phoebe's first day of school. All weekend was like right before Christmas... so much pent up energy and excitement she can't sit still for one minute. All of a sudden she has two modes: really fast or asleep. Tonight we put her to bed and she kept trying to read books under her covers. I kept coming in and taking the books away, otherwise she'd never get to sleep tonight.

A lot has happened since my last post. My stitches came out on Thursday. Found out I'll probably never be able to feel part of my forehead going back to the back of my head ever again. It's a really wierd feeling, but they say I'll get used to it. At least I can say I'll never need Botox on the left side of my forehead. It doesn't move as much as it used to with my facial expressions. Most likely no one else will notice but me and DH.

My temp dropped Friday morning and spotting commenced. Wierd thing is I also got a horrible yeast infection that morning. It must've been from the antibiotic. I never get them anymore because of all the acidopholus I take three times a day. I doubled the dose and also started drinking my OJ with oregano oil. That kills it all. I'm feeling better by now. So I'm officially on Day 2 and ready to try again this month. I'm really good at trying. Practice makes perfect.

Friday night we took Phoebe to a restaurant called Casablanca's in Delaware. As the name suggests, it is a Morrocan restaurant and on Friday and Saturday nights, they have belly dancers. Going to dinner here is an event. You need reservations, ours were at 7 PM and we were there until 10 PM. Between the time spent enjoying each course, no one really eats much when the entertainment comes out. I got up and danced with the lady, but Phoebe was being really shy. She wouldn't even dance with me. Phoebe also really enjoyed the food which was great to see. She loved this one eggplant appetizer that you eat in pita bread (no forks allowed!). She also really liked the tomato and cucumber salad, no surprise there. And she really liked the roast chicken with lemon and olives, especially if you mopped up the sauce with the chicken.

We bought some fabric and window treatment hardware for curtains for the family room, so we've officially started working on decorating the house our style. I can't wait to have the curtains finished and the walls painted within the next few weeks, so we can enjoy the fall and winter in our cozy decorated family room. I'll post pics, I promise.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just taking a break from cleaning up my emails to let everyone know I'm doing fine. I'm cleaning up personal emails from, like, since the beginning of the month. Tom's school at the end of this term was really kicking my butt as well as his. My accident came the night before a final presentation he had to give. He gave it on two hours of sleep, poor thing.

I'm doing OK. My head hurts like the dickens. My left eye is really black and blue and red and yellow. It's hmm. And I keep taking Tylenol or the pain of the stiches gets on my nerves. And the need for sleep!!!! I've been taking a nap every afternoon. It feels so good, but I can't keep doing this. We're supposed to take Phoebe to Sesame Place tomorrow. I have no idea how I'm going to handle that. I've really been feeling like crap, but I don't want to be laying around like a slug the last few days before Phoebe starts school.

I've had lots of people reminding me how lucky I am. If I had gotten hit a few inches below the cut, I could've lost my eye. The doctors at the hospital were also telling me of all the fatalities they see from deer accidents. We saw the car today and is it ever a mess! It got over to the body shop yesterday. I called them Monday morning and they had it brought over, so we didn't have to come and try to drive it. Which is a good thing, as it's covered in little shards of glass, just like I was.

If I did ovulate when my temp chart thinks I did, I'd be due for my period tomorrow. As usual I wonder if we did the deed this month. I had to think about that when they asked me before the cat scan at the hospital if there was a chance I could be pregnant. I said no. I mean I knew I would know this week, but I figured the chances of me being pregnant were slim and the chances of my brain being messed up were high, so I went with checking out the brain. The tired thing makes me wonder though. Am I tired from the accident or am I tired as that's my least favorite early pregnancy symptom? We'll see.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Deer Hit Me

Really, I didn't hit a deer. It hit me! I never made it to Villanova on Friday night. I left for to take Tom his suit with my windows down, enjoying the breeze, and listening to the Pet Shop Boys. I was around the corner from home when two cars were coming toward me. They started slowing down and moving a little erratically, so I slowed down thinking they were drunk or just plain stupid. As I was passing the second car…. WHAM!!! I thought the second car went into my lane and hit me from the side. I stopped the car in the middle of the road. A little dazed that I just had been in an accident, I sat up a bit more and noticed blood coming from the left side of my forehead. I had a sweatshirt on and pulled off the left half of it and pressed it to my forehead to put pressure where the bleeding was. With my other hand, I picked up my cell phone and started calling 911. I slowly got out of the car and started walking to the two cars behind me that were originally coming toward me. They stopped, thankfully. They asked if I was OK. I said yes, but that I was bleeding and making a call to 911. They told me a deer hit me. I said, “That was a deer?!” I was totally shocked, thankfully though not in shock. I really stayed in control the entire time. I handed the guy that stopped my bloody cell phone to tell the dispatcher where we were and that I needed an ambulance, while the lady that stopped, who was a nurse, looked at my head. She confirmed that I needed stitches. I figured as much as I knew there was a lot of blood, but chose not to focus on that.

The police came first and talked to the two other people while I sat on the side of the road waiting for the ambulance. The other two people (they were so nice!!!) confirmed that I was going very slow and that the deer hit me from the side. The ambulance came and the people asked where I wanted to go…. I knew my choices: the local country hospital or for a few minutes more the largest trauma center on the East coast, Christiana hospital. Yes, in northern Delaware is the largest trauma center on the East coast. I don’t know why, but several nurses even from out of the area have told me this. I, of course, told them I wanted to go to Christiana. I wasn’t in shock, I hadn’t been unconscious, hadn’t lost too much blood, and I really wanted a good plastic surgeon to sew up my face. I called Tom and told him where we were going, but he had to borrow a car from one of his classmates to come get me. He also called our friends K & G as they were closer to come be with me. K is an OR nurse and works with a lot of plastic surgeons, so I was curious for her opinion as well. Funny thing is Tom did ask me on the phone if I had gotten his suit out of the trunk. I told him that wasn’t important right now, and he’d have to wear a different suit. When he came to the hospital and saw my injury, he did admit he didn’t realize it was so bad when I talked to him on the phone. At the hospital everyone was very nice. K & G arrived at the same time as Tom, but K helped by asking who the plastic surgeon on call was. From the looks on everyone’s faces, I could tell I was messed up pretty bad. I felt fine other than the pain on my head, which by now started to go numb and the numbness extended back to the back of the top of my head. It’s still numb that far back. The current theory is that the deer knocked off and shattered my side-view mirror, which hit my forehead and according to the really, perky male nurse… cut almost to the bone! I put my hand up and told him to stop and tell me now more. I didn’t want to see or hear about it until they finished putting me back together. I had a cat scan which turned out fine and the plastic surgeon that K did know put me back together. He was very nice. I was extremely nervous as I’ve never been injured in an accident of any kind. No stitches, no broken bones, I don’t count the stitch from my laparoscopies. I was under sedation for those. He and I talked while he stitched me up which calmed me down. He didn’t really count how many, but Tom estimated about 40, including the internal ones. I need to go see him on Thursday to have them taken out. It really doesn’t look bad. I may have a scar on my left eyebrow going up from my temple to my hairline. My left eye was swollen shut this morning, but got better again after I put more ice on it. I’ve also developed a black eye that goes down to my cheekbone. This will look great to visit Phoebe’s new kindergarten teacher. I feel like I should put a big “A deer hit me!” T-shirt on so people won’t know I’m not a victim of domestic abuse. I just wish the deer would stick to eating my day lilies and leave my car and face alone. And like I told the ambulance people, “It was really nice meeting you, but I could’ve lived without the experience!”

Friday, August 18, 2006

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I guess I need about eight hours of sleep in order to dream anything. No wonder I don't have too many! I did last night and had another strange dream. I dreamt that I was at the new house and someone was visiting (I don't know who). They went to the front door to look at what was going on outside. I assumed it was the deer, which you can regularly see around our house, but where she was looking looked to be near my day lilies which the deer keep eating the flowers (Damn Them!!!). So I open the front door to yell at the deer, and I see the development landscaping crews putting a bunch of new trees in my yard, that I didn't know were coming!!! And they are putting the dirt they are digging up on my day lilies!!!! I go out to start yelling at them, and the ground was very wet. We must have had a lot of rain lately. While I'm talking to these guys trying to figure out what they were doing as I didn't authorize these new trees, the ground starts getting very quicksand like under me. As I'm sinking down, I'm yelling for help, but the backhoe they are using the dig the holes for the trees is too loud and they can't seem to hear me. I start treading water/quicksand in the hopes of not going under. I start trying to back myself up to where I can feel solid ground under me again. I find it and get out. Then I find out that the ground crew saw what was happening, but decided to ignore me. Later in the dream after I must've gotten cleaned up, I go out to talk to them and Phoebe must've followed me outside. At that time they were trying to plant a very large evergreen tree and it fell.... missing Phoebe by two feet! Was I ever pissed!!! Mama bear came out big time as I picked her up and started yelling at them all to get off my property... and then I woke up.

I haven't figured out what this one means yet. I know I can't wait for this weekend of Tom's school to be over. It's been a big stress, not just on him, but on me and Phoebe too. I drove Tom up to school last night so that we'd only have one car for a barbeque on Saturday evening at one of his classmates that we are invited too. So I'll go pick him up on Saturday at four and we'll go around the corner to this guys house for a pool party/barbeque. Anyway, it took him forever to get the car packed with what he needed. Then we drive the hour to the school, and I realize he left his suit for the final presentation at home. The presentation is Saturday morning, so tonight I get to drive to Villanova.... again.

Oh, and Phoebe lost the first of her top two teeth last night! That's five teeth out before she even started school! Wow!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Parental Units Have Seen The New House

My parents and my grandmother brought Phoebe back from her weekend visit in the Poconos. This was their first visit to our new house. Mom called when they were driving here, not sure if she was on the right track, "We're at a Walmart in the middle of nowhere on Route 1." Yes, Mom... We live in the middle of nowhere. Thank you for confirming. But I love it out here!!!

They loved the house and we all sat down to a great dinner of barbeque chicken, grill stir fried zucchini, a spinach and romaine lettuce salad and a loaf of tomato and basil bread from the grocery store. Nan (my Nan) had the La Prima Donna white wine from VaLa and she said it was fabulous!

One really cute thing about Nan. Whenever she visits someone out of the area who once lived up there, she brings the day's local newspaper for them. I've come to rely on her always doing it. It's so cute! I did get yesterday's Times Leader. We sent her home with two bottles of Barbera (red) and two of the La Prima Donna. It's a fair trade if you ask me.

It was really nice having everyone visit. It was nice having Phoebe back for a short time. She left today to visit Tom's parents through early next week, when we're taking vacation before she starts Kindergarten.

The other update to post about is Cirque du Soleil - Quidam. It was awesome! The theater, the comedy, the costumes, the acrobatics. It was also really nice to share it with Phoebe. She thoroughly enjoyed it. She especially enjoyed the four Chinese girls that must have been about 10 or 11 years old doing their show with diabolos. They made it look so easy, we bought her one to play with as a souvenier. She now knows how hard it is to do. She hasn't quite figured it out yet, but I'm sure she will eventually!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

How Cool Is This?

I'm at my hair salon. Right now. Under a dryer having my hair color set. They just finished redesigning the entire place, and they have computers at many of the stations. So I'm going to catch up on some blogging while I wait for my hair color. Maybe I can update some links to new blogs I've found. If you live in the Wilmington, DE area, the salon I'm at is Michael Christopher. It's pretty cool!

BTW, I'm off work tomorrow and we're going to pick up Phoebe and take her to Cirque du Soleil. She's so excited! I miss her so much though. I can't wait for school to start, so I can see her everyday instead of her doing all this visiting/vacationing with her grandparents/cousins. I need my daily Phoebe fix.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Not Much Going On

And sometimes that's a good thing. It's been pretty quiet around here. Just waiting to see when I'm going to ovulate this month. Curious if we'll do the job properly this time around. Drinking lots of tea (alternating nettles, red raspberry leaf, and red clover), staying away from coffee and dairy products, taking my vitamins/herbs, trying to use the elliptical machine in the mornings and yoga/meditation at night. If it doesn't work, I'll be looking good and healthy at least.

Phoebe's at her grandparents this week, probably spending a lot of time underwater, now that she loves to swim underwater, doing somersaults underwater, crawling on the bottom of the pool, doing cannonballs jumping into the pool. Good summer fun. We're picking her up on Friday morning and then going to Cirque du Soleil in Philly for a 4 PM show. She went two years ago and still talks about it to this day. After we get home, I'll be driving with her alone to my parents in the Poconos, where Phoebe's going to spend a long weekend with my parents. She's really looking forward to it.

Other than that, very quiet around here. Knock on wood.... it's a full moon tonight! It would be nice if I ovulated today or tomorrow. I'd like to have my cycle tuned to the moon cycles for a change. That hasn't happened in a while. Good signs all around!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birth Control????

So Phoebe (my five-year-old) is asking about birth control already! Should I tell her she probably won't have to worry???? LOL. Here's a rough transcript of our discussion in the car ride home yesterday. Parenthesis are my inner monolgue.....the things we don't share with our children:


"Yes, dear." (I always get a kick of how she calls my name when we're in the car and she wants to say something. Like I think she's talking to someone else? he he)

"I don't want to have any kids."

"That's fine dear. You don't have to have kids."

"What does that mean? I can't get married?"

"No you can get married, and choose not to have any kids." (Or be like many of our friends that have that choice thrust upon them that they can't.)

"How can I do that?"

"Well it has to do with sex and we'll talk about that more when you're older. You have to have sex to have babies."

"So you had sex to have me?"

"Well..... there we're doctors involved to have you. I didn't get pregnant easy." (She knows this already and she's seen me have shots and knew when I was going to the doctor when we were trying to have a second child.)


"Yes, dear."

"Do babies come out your belly or your butt?"

"Well, they come out your vagina, which is sort of near your butt, but it's a bit different." (Yes, I know I didn't cover c-sections, but come on, she's not even six yet!)

"Does it hurt?"

"Well, it doesn't tickle, but when it's over, you're so excited to have a baby you forget about the pain pretty quickly."

We then had a short conversation about how we don't need to share this information with our friends, but that we can talk about this and her friends can talk to their parents. I don't need dissemination of information of the birds and the bees eminating from my kid. Especially, because I'm sure she'll get some of it wrong and will understand it better in further conversations with me.

So later at dinner, Tom and I asked Phoebe why she didn't want to have children. We were curious if it had to do with her helping out with Dylan (her cousin that turns one next month) or staying with her other cousins that have a new baby sister, Katie. Turns out it has nothing to do with any of that. What was her answer? "Because it would hurt!"

Other scientific discussions in the same car ride:


"Yes, hon?"

"Why is bird poop white?"

"I have no idea, sweetie."

"Mom, do birds get sick?"

"I guess they do."

"Do they get diarrea?"

"I don't know." (Where does she come up with these questions????)

BTW, she now swims underwater with these goggles she got that keep the water from going up her nose. She can do lots of stuff in the pool now. She crawls on the bottom of the pool, does somersaults underwater, and can swim underwater very well. She is so cool! I need some swimming pics of her this weekend. When she was showing us what she can do, it was dark already. We were picking her up at her grandparents on Monday night. We watched her tricks with a flashlight.