First Day of School Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Phoebe's first day of school. All weekend was like right before Christmas... so much pent up energy and excitement she can't sit still for one minute. All of a sudden she has two modes: really fast or asleep. Tonight we put her to bed and she kept trying to read books under her covers. I kept coming in and taking the books away, otherwise she'd never get to sleep tonight.

A lot has happened since my last post. My stitches came out on Thursday. Found out I'll probably never be able to feel part of my forehead going back to the back of my head ever again. It's a really wierd feeling, but they say I'll get used to it. At least I can say I'll never need Botox on the left side of my forehead. It doesn't move as much as it used to with my facial expressions. Most likely no one else will notice but me and DH.

My temp dropped Friday morning and spotting commenced. Wierd thing is I also got a horrible yeast infection that morning. It must've been from the antibiotic. I never get them anymore because of all the acidopholus I take three times a day. I doubled the dose and also started drinking my OJ with oregano oil. That kills it all. I'm feeling better by now. So I'm officially on Day 2 and ready to try again this month. I'm really good at trying. Practice makes perfect.

Friday night we took Phoebe to a restaurant called Casablanca's in Delaware. As the name suggests, it is a Morrocan restaurant and on Friday and Saturday nights, they have belly dancers. Going to dinner here is an event. You need reservations, ours were at 7 PM and we were there until 10 PM. Between the time spent enjoying each course, no one really eats much when the entertainment comes out. I got up and danced with the lady, but Phoebe was being really shy. She wouldn't even dance with me. Phoebe also really enjoyed the food which was great to see. She loved this one eggplant appetizer that you eat in pita bread (no forks allowed!). She also really liked the tomato and cucumber salad, no surprise there. And she really liked the roast chicken with lemon and olives, especially if you mopped up the sauce with the chicken.

We bought some fabric and window treatment hardware for curtains for the family room, so we've officially started working on decorating the house our style. I can't wait to have the curtains finished and the walls painted within the next few weeks, so we can enjoy the fall and winter in our cozy decorated family room. I'll post pics, I promise.


Crystal said…
Heather, I'm so sorry about AF and also about the stiches.


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