Birth Control????

So Phoebe (my five-year-old) is asking about birth control already! Should I tell her she probably won't have to worry???? LOL. Here's a rough transcript of our discussion in the car ride home yesterday. Parenthesis are my inner monolgue.....the things we don't share with our children:


"Yes, dear." (I always get a kick of how she calls my name when we're in the car and she wants to say something. Like I think she's talking to someone else? he he)

"I don't want to have any kids."

"That's fine dear. You don't have to have kids."

"What does that mean? I can't get married?"

"No you can get married, and choose not to have any kids." (Or be like many of our friends that have that choice thrust upon them that they can't.)

"How can I do that?"

"Well it has to do with sex and we'll talk about that more when you're older. You have to have sex to have babies."

"So you had sex to have me?"

"Well..... there we're doctors involved to have you. I didn't get pregnant easy." (She knows this already and she's seen me have shots and knew when I was going to the doctor when we were trying to have a second child.)


"Yes, dear."

"Do babies come out your belly or your butt?"

"Well, they come out your vagina, which is sort of near your butt, but it's a bit different." (Yes, I know I didn't cover c-sections, but come on, she's not even six yet!)

"Does it hurt?"

"Well, it doesn't tickle, but when it's over, you're so excited to have a baby you forget about the pain pretty quickly."

We then had a short conversation about how we don't need to share this information with our friends, but that we can talk about this and her friends can talk to their parents. I don't need dissemination of information of the birds and the bees eminating from my kid. Especially, because I'm sure she'll get some of it wrong and will understand it better in further conversations with me.

So later at dinner, Tom and I asked Phoebe why she didn't want to have children. We were curious if it had to do with her helping out with Dylan (her cousin that turns one next month) or staying with her other cousins that have a new baby sister, Katie. Turns out it has nothing to do with any of that. What was her answer? "Because it would hurt!"

Other scientific discussions in the same car ride:


"Yes, hon?"

"Why is bird poop white?"

"I have no idea, sweetie."

"Mom, do birds get sick?"

"I guess they do."

"Do they get diarrea?"

"I don't know." (Where does she come up with these questions????)

BTW, she now swims underwater with these goggles she got that keep the water from going up her nose. She can do lots of stuff in the pool now. She crawls on the bottom of the pool, does somersaults underwater, and can swim underwater very well. She is so cool! I need some swimming pics of her this weekend. When she was showing us what she can do, it was dark already. We were picking her up at her grandparents on Monday night. We watched her tricks with a flashlight.


Yeah, why IS bird poop white? That's a really good question.
Sara said…
She is so smart!!
mary said…
Thanks for popping by my blog - your daughter sounds hilarious! Lots of fun!! I'll be dropping in on you again for sure:) xx

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