To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I guess I need about eight hours of sleep in order to dream anything. No wonder I don't have too many! I did last night and had another strange dream. I dreamt that I was at the new house and someone was visiting (I don't know who). They went to the front door to look at what was going on outside. I assumed it was the deer, which you can regularly see around our house, but where she was looking looked to be near my day lilies which the deer keep eating the flowers (Damn Them!!!). So I open the front door to yell at the deer, and I see the development landscaping crews putting a bunch of new trees in my yard, that I didn't know were coming!!! And they are putting the dirt they are digging up on my day lilies!!!! I go out to start yelling at them, and the ground was very wet. We must have had a lot of rain lately. While I'm talking to these guys trying to figure out what they were doing as I didn't authorize these new trees, the ground starts getting very quicksand like under me. As I'm sinking down, I'm yelling for help, but the backhoe they are using the dig the holes for the trees is too loud and they can't seem to hear me. I start treading water/quicksand in the hopes of not going under. I start trying to back myself up to where I can feel solid ground under me again. I find it and get out. Then I find out that the ground crew saw what was happening, but decided to ignore me. Later in the dream after I must've gotten cleaned up, I go out to talk to them and Phoebe must've followed me outside. At that time they were trying to plant a very large evergreen tree and it fell.... missing Phoebe by two feet! Was I ever pissed!!! Mama bear came out big time as I picked her up and started yelling at them all to get off my property... and then I woke up.

I haven't figured out what this one means yet. I know I can't wait for this weekend of Tom's school to be over. It's been a big stress, not just on him, but on me and Phoebe too. I drove Tom up to school last night so that we'd only have one car for a barbeque on Saturday evening at one of his classmates that we are invited too. So I'll go pick him up on Saturday at four and we'll go around the corner to this guys house for a pool party/barbeque. Anyway, it took him forever to get the car packed with what he needed. Then we drive the hour to the school, and I realize he left his suit for the final presentation at home. The presentation is Saturday morning, so tonight I get to drive to Villanova.... again.

Oh, and Phoebe lost the first of her top two teeth last night! That's five teeth out before she even started school! Wow!


Julie said…
That does sound like a strange dream. Something surely feels like it is consuming you, but you're not helpless to escape it! I've been having odd ones lately too, mostly on mornings when I sleep in a little longer-maybe the 8 hour theory is valid. I rarely get more than 5. :-)

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