Is Phoebe Psychic?

Phoebe has been obsessed with tornados over the past few months. And it's not that she's watched The Wizard of Oz recently. The first time she watched it was over two years ago. But since we've moved to Landenberg whenever we have a strong thunderstorm with high winds, she swears we're going to have a tornado and starts crying and is really hard to console. She even went so far as to tell my parents in the Poconos that she wants to move in with them because I happened to mention that the mountains protect you from tornados from forming.

Well, check this news report out! This tornado touched down yesterday evening around the corner from our house!!! Tom started to mention it this morning and I stopped him with my hands waving violently around "Please, stop!!!" because Phoebe was in the room. She asked "What happened?" and we instantly changed the topic. My mom told me to tell her our house is "tornado-proof." I may need to if she hears about this at school.

So, the question is.... Did she know something we didn't know??? BTW, I don't know if I ever mentioned, but she is named after a character on TV that is a witch that has visions of the future. LOL!


Tornado seasons, at least here - are very cyclical. We don't have any for 10 years and then we'll have a year that there are 5 or 6. My son was obsessed with them. Every time it rained or stormed, he was convinced that we were going to get blown away.

Personally I don't think you should tell her your house is tornado proof - because it isn't. What you could tell her though is that because your house is brand new - the foundation is really super strong and you've done everything you can do to make sure the house, and her, remain safe. Maybe you can go through the things that you'd need to do in the event that you actually had a "tornado warning" and show her how you'd try to remain safe in your home.

What seemed to help my son a little was knowing that we were prepared and had everything covered, so to speak. He liked knowing that we had candles and a weather radio with extra batteries in the basement. When it did storm we let him be part of the decision on when it would be the right time to go into the basement and for whatever reason - it helped ease his mind.

We also avoided the evening news during this time because it only made it worse.

Hope that helps.

PS. Now he sleeps through everything. We've had the tornado sirens go off in the middle of the night and he never hears them. We have to scream at him to get him to go to into the basement now. LOL
Heather said…
Thanks for the advice. I'll try it again, but the funny thing is that is what I did try to do the first time she freaked when she saw a storm with high winds at the new house. It still didn't make her very happy. Finally when the storm clouds went away, I told her that there would be no tornado and she could chill out.

I have not told her the house is tornado proof because I have issues that I only want to tell her the truth. Hopefully, she'll outgrow the concern. I have told her that in the 35 years I've been around this earth, I have yet to see a tornado, even though I've been prepared when warnings come through.
Alli said…
The poor thing! We lived in OK for a year and my kids were scared every time the LOUD warning sirens went off. Even if it was blue sky and they were just testing it. Mother nature can be scary.

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