Just taking a break from cleaning up my emails to let everyone know I'm doing fine. I'm cleaning up personal emails from, like, since the beginning of the month. Tom's school at the end of this term was really kicking my butt as well as his. My accident came the night before a final presentation he had to give. He gave it on two hours of sleep, poor thing.

I'm doing OK. My head hurts like the dickens. My left eye is really black and blue and red and yellow. It's pretty.....mm hmm. And I keep taking Tylenol or the pain of the stiches gets on my nerves. And the need for sleep!!!! I've been taking a nap every afternoon. It feels so good, but I can't keep doing this. We're supposed to take Phoebe to Sesame Place tomorrow. I have no idea how I'm going to handle that. I've really been feeling like crap, but I don't want to be laying around like a slug the last few days before Phoebe starts school.

I've had lots of people reminding me how lucky I am. If I had gotten hit a few inches below the cut, I could've lost my eye. The doctors at the hospital were also telling me of all the fatalities they see from deer accidents. We saw the car today and is it ever a mess! It got over to the body shop yesterday. I called them Monday morning and they had it brought over, so we didn't have to come and try to drive it. Which is a good thing, as it's covered in little shards of glass, just like I was.

If I did ovulate when my temp chart thinks I did, I'd be due for my period tomorrow. As usual I wonder if we did the deed this month. I had to think about that when they asked me before the cat scan at the hospital if there was a chance I could be pregnant. I said no. I mean I knew I would know this week, but I figured the chances of me being pregnant were slim and the chances of my brain being messed up were high, so I went with checking out the brain. The tired thing makes me wonder though. Am I tired from the accident or am I tired as that's my least favorite early pregnancy symptom? We'll see.


Crystal said…
I'm glad that you are okay. Keep us posted about AF. Hugs!

mary said…
Whoa! I'm so glad you're alright and hopefully the scar will be negligible. Sending you really really kind thoughtsx
Crystal said…
Where is AF?

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