I'm Back - Hope Died Last Week

Well, I'm back to blogging. Had a rough Thursday and Friday last week as hope died when AF showed up a few days early. The acupuncturist still wants me to stay on the herbs I'm on as they are working, it's just going to take some time. DH and I had some talks. We still wonder if we are asking too much to have more than one child and if we should just move and and be happy with what we have. But we did come to a decision to schedule a consultation with the old RE and see what he says. I haven't called to set that up yet, but I will soon. Need to check with the insurance and find out if he's in the network still. I'm also trying to give up coffee again which is really hard considering my new early working hours and all those great pumpkin spice lattes out there.

The rest of the weekend was great. Phoebe started her program at OperaDE, which is great. She's learning a little German, clown skills, they are going to make masks for their performance of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" in November and she's going to be a ghost. While she was at her program on Saturday and Sunday, DH and I got lots of errands done, and I got laundry and cleaning the house done. These were the things that were driving me crazy at the end of the summer that we had been too busy to do.

The new hours are still great. Homework started yesterday and I'm enjoying being home to help her with that. Yesterday, she got to pick a book to read to me for 15 minutes with a little of my help. I think her reading is definately above the average for her age. More and more, she needs less and less of my help with words. And the best was last night when she went around saying "I love reading!!!" My heart just about exploded with pride. She also had a spelling list to study. We had her spell while doing a jumping jack for each letter to make it more fun.

I'm also this week trying to work out every day when I get home from work. Then we do homework and then I make dinner. I'm getting so much done now in the afternoons and evenings for home stuff. It makes me feel OK about working. Well I better go back to work, so I don't feel like I've been blogging too long when I'm here.


Trace said…
I'm sorry about AF. Sometimes you can't wait because it means the beginning of your cycle, but other times it hits you in the gut.

Good luck with the RE. Our insurance only covered the initial testing to evaluate our fertility, but it is now up to us to pay for the remainder. PA insurance stinks in that way.

It's hard to have discipline to exercise at home. I am struggling with it. I did rent DVDs from Netflix, my brother the computer guru copied them for me, and I've been doing them fairly regularly.
Jessica said…
I am so glad you have a little reader on your hands! You are truly a model parent! : ) Praying for you and AF!
Kirsten said…
Sorry AF arrived...always a bummer. I hope your meeting with the RE goes well and that you'll know what the best decision is after that point. But I do believe if you have a desire in your heart for another child; it is there for a reason :)
I have always loved to read so I think it's wonderful that your little girl has a passion for it already.
Also glad to see another working mom out there making it work. I have made the decision to go back to work and the guilt is starting to set in, even though I don't go back for 3 more weeks! But, it's something I feel like I need to do for me and my family.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Crystal said…
I'm so sorry darlin'. Not fair, not fair. I hope that the RE can help you with what is going on. I know...the pumpkin spice lattes are amazing!

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