Crazy Busy Week

What a crazy busy week! Since I last posted, here are some overall updates of what I've been up to each day:

Tuesday - Submitted passport application at post office. Phoebe had CCD - we did CCD homework on the way there, we totally forgot about it. I went to Girl Scout Registration Night while she was at CCD and agreed to co-lead a Brownie troop as they don't have enough leaders and Phoebe really wants to be a Brownie. I was a Girl Scout for most of my school age years and loved it.

Wednesday - Phoebe's ice skating classes started up again. Afterwards, we went to the mall to get birthday party invitations for her party on October 7th, I stayed up until midnight writing them out so she could take them into school. We're inviting her whole first grade class thinking that the only ones that will come are the ones she's friends with. Found out I had a yeast infection (cr@p!!!) - gotta love when that happens when you're ovulating. No chance in h*ll I'll get PG this month!

Thursday - Department picnic that afternoon at work. Got to wear jeans - woo hoo! Then our whole family had eye doctor appointments. After my eyes were dilated and I didn't feel like cooking dinner as I couldn't see, we decided to all eat out at Perkins. Love breakfast food for dinner!

Today (Friday) - Working like mad. Things have been hectic at work and I want to try to not have to log in from home to do work this weekend. I'll leave that to DH, who I know has to. I'll be leaving work shortly.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful weather and I want to clean, plant some mums and spend some time with friends. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jessica said…
Have a restful weekend, girl! You deserve it! : )
Anonymous said…
nice to here you are busy. Looking forward to seeing you. love MOM
Beth said…
WOW! You did have a busy week!! Post pics of the mums you planted. That is my plan for this weekend. I absolutely love the fall and can't wait to get my front yard and front porch all decorated.

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