Getting My Hair Done

I've been so swamped this week I haven't been able to keep up with posts or reading my favorite blogs. It's nice that my hairstylists has computers for us to play on the Internet while my hair color is sinking in.

DH is doing better, but he's finally got some discomfort in his foot. I took him to the orthopedic doctor yesterday and they took some more Xrays, but between the new ones and the ones at the hospital, they couldn't find a break. They didn't use the word sprain, but I guess that's what they are thinking it is. He goes back in two weeks and they gave him a boot to wear, since his foot was too swollen to fit into his sneaker. We put some ice on it last night and that seemed to help and he could get into a loose sneaker today, but he's getting a lot more discomfort now that the swelling is going down. He's a little bummed even though we're all happy it's not broken. He's not used to having anything slow him down. I'm trying to be really patient and supportive.

Phoebe is doing better, but she still has some itches. I give her Benadryl every now and then when she complains about itching too much. The bug bites are healing, but I can't wait until they heal all the way, so the itchy part will fully go away. She went to school on the second day and she loves it. I think her favorite part is eating in the cafeteria. I get the impression she likes having fun food for lunch instead of boring sandwiches and likes the independence she's feeling picking her own lunch. Thankfully the PA public school system revamped all their cafeteria menus, so everything is very healthy. She's having lots of fun making new friends and riding on the bus. We have some pics of her dressed up for her first day of school that I want to post. She looks so pretty. Phoebe's having her hair cut today while I'm getting mine done. She's asking for a few inches to come off so that it's just about two inches below her shoulders. I'm OK with that as it'll make it easier for her to brush. She's been doing a great job getting her hair done on her own every morning this week, since DH has been the one getting her on the bus in the morning.

Oh yeah, the thing that's been tough this week but so wonderful is that my hours at work have changed. I'm working 7AM to 3:30PM, so I can be home and get her off the bus. The first day we had dinner on the table by 6PM!!! I'm loving this new schedule, but I've been having a hard time getting enough sleep. It was so nice sleeping in late this morning. Late being 7AM, LOL!!! Well I'm off to check up on some of my favorite bloggers!

Coming back later to update: I almost forgot to mention that I had a dream the night before last that I got a positive home pregnancy test! I've never seen that before in real life and it was the first time in a dream. To clarify, when we had DD, I never took a home test, it was all done by blood tests at the doctor's.


Anonymous said…
Enjoy your day of pampering having your hair done!

I am glad your hubby is doing better and no break will hopefully mean he is better in no time!
Flygirl said…
I hope your dream is a good omen. :)

(Computers at the hairdressers? Wow!)
Heather said…
I'm totally taking your dream as a very good sign for you guys!!!

Glad everyone is doing better - hope your hubby's pain quits soon.

I'm with flygirl - I'm very impressed with being able to blog while getting your hair done!
Beth said…
I hope your dream comes true!!

WOW!! Interent at the Hairdressers!
Loren said…
Wow, your salon sounds awesome! And I hope that dream becomes reality soon for you and yours. :)

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