Love the Fall

I love the fall. The weather is a lot cooler and crisp. Of course, our days here in the Philly/Wilmington area is in the 80s this week, but our nights are still pure fall weather.

Both DH and I are trying to exercise more and this weather is perfect for that. I swear once you get to be a certain age, just eating right doesn't cut it anymore. You lose all that muscle tone you used to have when you were younger. I would love to have DD's abs! It's not just that they are flat, but she's so active that they are so toned and muscular. So anyway, I took our dog for a two mile walk last night while DH was on our elliptical machine. When I was done, I went down to the basement to play "Be By Me" with him and I used the weights and then the elliptical machine. When we went upstairs, I did a few ab exercises. I really need to work on that area these days! They are totally out of use. I can't do nearly as many reps as I used to even a year ago. Bad Heather! Letting yourself go!

The always interesting conversations with Phoebe continue. At dinner last night, she asked me when I can be a stay at home mom. I told her I needed to work to help support us. Then she asked why Daddy can't just support us. We discussed that we need Mommy's salary and then she asked the big question, "How much do you make, Mommy?" For those of you who haven't had this happen, I'll tell you that I was prepared for this question by the little bit of parenting reading I have done. The answer is "Enough for us to live comfortably." Never discuss exact dollars. Kids can't understand it anyway and all they need to know is that their parents make enough to support the family.

The question about when I'll be a stay at home mom I did say "Maybe someday." But as I sit back and think about it, there are some perks to working outside the home that I like. I like my job and get a great feeling from producing something of worth. Phoebe asked me when I tucked her in last night what I did at work that day. Thankfully, it was something she could understand,

"I was redesigning our department's website."

"You can do that?! How do you do that?"

"You go to school to learn to do those things."

"Wow! That's cool."

The other thing that I like is dressing up for work. Kind of superficial, I know, but I just got a black Burberry trenchcoat for a fall/spring jacket and it makes me feel like a million dollars. Now tell me, if I didn't have to dress up for the office every day, I'd never get a chance to wear it.

The one perk of me not going to the office every day, is that I'd be able to get all the cleaning and errands done when Phoebe was at school and I think in a way I'd like the ability to do that. So if I ever work from home, can I do it in my D&G platform heels?


Kirsten said…
I was so glad to read this post and see someone with my same feelings about going to work! The other day, I took the girls to the mall and was so excited to find some new pants for my return to's like the first day of school all over again! Plus, I too just like the feeling of getting out and doing something. Not that being a mommy isn't a huge task...oh how I know it is...but I need to be something else as well.
I also love fall. Even though the temps are still kinda high here in TX, I think I'm going to take the girls for their first neighborhood stroll today.
Good job on getting back into a workout routine; I SO need to do that but can't find the time or motivation. One day...
Well-heeled mom said…
I have a closet full of clothes and racks of shoes that are of no use to me as a work at home mom. Even worse is that I don't feel like I can shop anymore because why? I don't need anything. That is sucky.
Anonymous said…
I love the fall, but I hate going to work!
Jessica said…
I love Burberry!! You will be super trendy in that. I think the work/stay home struggle is endless. Have you ever heard of, or read the the Mommy Wars by Leslie Steiner?? It is pretty contraversial, but really interesting nontheless.
Trace said…
I have mixed feelings about being a SAHM. We can affod it, but it would mean we seriously budget. I don't have a glamorous career, but it is nice to get out and interact with others. What I hate is the long commute I have.

I have been letting myself go also. When we lived in old house we had a karate studio within a 5 minute drive and I did kick boxing 2x a week for a number of years. Then I began taking yoga during my lunch hour. I have totally slacked and I don't have anyplace convenient to our new house. I have gotten some yoga dvd's, but I find motivation difficult. I've been making myself do it atleast 2x a week (sigh).

When we finally finish our hard cider and if it tastes good, I'll gladly pass on some.
Kristen said…
I am a warm weather gal but I do love fall with the changing of the leaves. Its so beautiful.

So cute about DD's questions. She is so inquisitive and I love that age. I will have to keep your tip in mind whenever I have a child!

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