Did you know God has Santa's ear?

I always say I want to capture little snippets of things Phoebe says that crack me up. Here's some of my recent favorites:

1. From the girl that just started CCD classes and is excited to be learning about how God is all our father and Jesus our brother..... "Mom, I'm going to pray to God to ask Santa to get me xxxx for Christmas this year." I had no idea that God had the ins with Santa.

2. When her, DH and I are talking about what celebrities we're told we look like, "Mom, you look just like Gwen with long hair!" I love that kid. That's the ultimate compliment to me. Gwen Stefani is the coolest.

3. I asked her last night when I was tucking her in what her favorite part of being in her 1st grade class is. "Being the Line Leader, passing out papers, doing calendar." I asked her what part she really didn't like, "Sitting at my desk." Seriously, the girl cannot sit still. Even when she watches TV, it's an exercise activity.

If you have kids, let me know what funny things they've said lately. If not, do you have a child around you (nieces, nephews, friends' kids) that say stuff that crack you up?


Flygirl said…
I can't wait to record all the "cute" things Bug says when she gets older. What fun!
Well-heeled mom said…
Egads, I hear you on the not sitting still. The Boy is the worst. It absolutely drives his dad nuts.

I don't blog about the funny things he says enough. I did an entry today though, so it must be something in the air tonight!
Jessica said…
I wish I had more kids who liked to sit at their desk! : )
Kirsten said…
I am SO looking forward to all the hilarious things that will come out of our girls' mouths!!
I have a 2 year old niece that was visiting my in-laws last week (they are her Nana and Bubba). Bubba was helping her take a bath and she poured water all over the floor. I heard Bubba saying "oooohhhh...Nana's gonna be mad" and he brought her into the kitchen where Nana was. Her head was down and as soon as Nana asked her what happened, she looked her straight in the eyes with this pitiful little face and said "Bubba did it". It was sooo funny!!!
Jessica said…
When I read your comment on my blog, I had a complete epiphany!!! You are so right! Thank you for reminding me of that. Quilters are smart ladies! : )
Beth said…
DD sounds so adorable!! I just love hearing abour all of the cute things kids say. They are sometimes so logical!!!

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