Life with Itchy and Gimpy

I wanted my next post to be about the great trip we had in NYC this weekend. I guess I'll have to post that later. I have some great recommendations for places to go in NYC when I get to it.

However, we've had some fun (sarcastic tone here) at our house over the past few days. DH is now called Gimpy and DD is Itchy. DH broke his foot on Sunday playing football. We didn't realize it was broken until Monday morningish. We took him to the hospital on Labor Day night after dinner and they put it in an air cast and gave him crutches. He's getting along very slowly now, but at least he's being a good patient and not trying to put weight on his foot and mess it up more.

DD is called Itchy because she had multiple tiny bug bites mostly in her panty area, but going up her back and down her legs. She developed some kind of allergic reaction to them as well. We noticed this Monday early afternoon too and called the on-call ped who told us to give her Benadryl until they could see her Tuesday at 8AM. Needless to say, since Gimpy isn't driving right now, I had to take the day off work and take care of both of them. They put her on a three day run of Prednisone and she continues to take the Benadryl too until this goes away. It seems a lot better and the bites are starting to heal. She missed the first day of school yesterday, because I didn't want her to be known as the girl with the crotch itch all year. I mean, we do make sure the girl bathes regularly! She went back to school today. Hopefully, it will all go well.

So I started my going to work early routine today. It went very well considering I have to take care of the dog all the time now. I can't picture DD trying to walk the dog on crutches. Phoebe was very excited about her first day of school and she woke up at 5:15 AM. She had gotten ready and eaten breakfast by 7 AM when I was leaving and then she asked if she could go to the bus stop. We had to explain to her that the bus doesn't come for another 45 minutes, LOL! DH walked her down the street to the bus stop on his crutches. Thankfully, we're the first house in the development, so he didn't have to go that far. I'm looking forward to leaving work early today to pick her up from the bus stop and getting dinner started. We're going to have sausage on the grill, corn on the cob and cucumber salad. I'm looking forward to it!


Heather said…
Hope everyone feels better soon!
Well-heeled mom said…
Wow! When it rains, it pours.
Kristen said…
Oh my! You are the only one it seems who can escape alive! I hope the fam feels better soon.
Jessica said…
Randomly found your blog! I love all your stories! Great writing! : )

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