PG - 6 Weeks 3 Days

I can't wait for my next appointment on Monday to take a peak at the twins. I've been keeping myself busy trying to keep my to do list up-to-date (both work and personal) and knocking things off it quickly. I know once I feel comfortable with a pregnancy I can do amazing things and get more done than ever. It's like a weight was lifted from my shoulders and I can start living again. But then when I feel like that, I feel guilty realizing I've put so much off while trying to conceive. But then I try to remind myself not to ever live with regret (which is one of my mottos) and that I can't help what life handed to me and what I had to do to get through it.

It's great though, some of the things I've gotten done. Last night I put new handles on Phoebe's CYFF bag. CYFF is her Catholic education classes she has every Tuesday evening. The program gave them these canvas bags to keep their book, notepad and pencil case in when they go to class. They want their class to all have the same color, as they have to leave them in the vestibule of the church when they go in to say opening prayers. Well the bag is good quality, but apparently the handles are not, I've resewed them back onto the bag several times and was getting sick of redoing it all the time. So I had an idea to go into my fabric scrap pile and have Phoebe help find some scraps of quilting fabric that we could make her new handles with. She picked out a purple star fabric that I used to make one of her baby quilts with. It was the perfect size and I grabbed the sewing machine and made her sturdy pretty new handles for her bag. She loved it!!!

This morning was rough though. Phoebe's had a little cold since Monday morning, but she sounded a lot better today. She was really tired though and this being the second day this week I had to get her on the bus myself (Tom's in Chicago for work). We were running a little late and she was being stubborn about wanting to tie her shoes herself, but I needed her to eat her breakfast, so I yelled at her. I felt so bad!!!!! I'm sure she forgives me, but I hate doing that, so I'm glad we have no activities tonight, so maybe we can have some extra cuddle time. I mean, I know I'm the heavy in the house, the person that enforces all the rules, but I try to do it without loosing my cool. Especially because she's sensitive like me. She cried at the beginning of breakfast and it broke my heart.


Karen said…
Hello, I just found your blog through Desperately Seeking Spawn. I am actually 6 weeks 4 days pregnant today! I wanted to wish you a very happy and healthy nine months!!!
The best thing you can do at this point is just keep yourself busy. That's the only way I survived the 1st trimester. :)
Liz said…
I just love the name Phoebe. So cute!
Loren said…
TWINS?!!! holy IVF batman! That is so awesome, I am so excited-happy-relieved for you!!! I know what you mean about a weight being lifted. I feel like I can live life now the way I was supposed to be living it.
I can't wait to read about your twin journey.
Mermaid said…
Congrats on the twins! We are due about the same time. I go in today for my first U/S to see if one or two stuck!
Just Me. said…
I too tried to keep myself busy during the first trimester!

I'm glad everything's going ok for you.

nancy said…
Heather!!! I missed the news. Congrats on the TWINS!!!! Holy crap!!!
docgrumbles said…
Congrats on twins! Hope you can keep the DBTs away and stay distracted!
Grad3 said…
Fertility treatments are a job within it's self--- seriously! I remember running ragged during them which is why I am not so quick to jump into them now.

I am very hopeful for you and twins and pray that you will see their beautiful beating hearts at your appt :)

And finally--- The best moms always recognize and acknowledge when they have lost their cool ;)

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