PG - 9 Weeks 6 Days - Can't Wait for Monday

Monday I have my 10-week ultrasound and I must say it can't come soon enough. I think all of us infertiles that have had issues with miscarriages have their "magic" date when they feel like they can begin thinking this may all be OK. Mine is the 10-week ultrasound. I know it probably doesn't seem it from how happy I sound in my posts, but I really have been holding out for this one. My latest miscarriage I ever had was when we lost the heartbeat of a baby that I went to 10 weeks with. We had seen the heartbeat in past ultrasounds, but there was something that made the doctor let me know that things were not looking completely great, but for the life of me, I can't remember what that was. We went in for my 10-week ultrasound and had brought Phoebe. She was three years old at the time. Leo and her left the room after we realized what had happened. I really can't wait for this ultrasound to make sure they are both OK.

By the way, a woman at a friend's holiday party totally pissed me off last night. I had met her once before at one of their parties, and I always thought she was a little abrasive, but I can usually ignore that stuff and move past that. Well, she said the unthinkable out loud to me last night. You know, the thing that you never mention to a pregnant woman. I was sitting at a table with a bunch of women that she was at, and we were talking about my pregnancy and I mentioned that if I have a C-section, I will request my tubes to be tied, because I'll be one of those women that try all their life to get pregnant and can't and then fall pregnant when they are over forty-five, when they least expect it. I'm still shocked at what she said in front of all these people. She said, "Well maybe you shouldn't. I mean just because you're pregnant with twins, doesn't mean that you'll have twins in the end." Ouch. That hurt. I did tell her, "Gee thanks for mentioning this because I did have a friend that lost one of her twins in childbirth, but I try not to think about that." I made a comment to my friend who was hosting the party later as in "What the f#ck is her problem?" You might think things like that, but you never make comments to a pregnant woman that she may lose her babies. That's just mean. So, I have now labeled her a total bitch and I won't deem to even speak to her anymore.


Martha said…
Best Wishes for a Great U/S. This woman is such a bitch, I'm never talking to her either. SOME People!!! From now on, No more Mrs.Nice Gal, I'm letting folks have it with both barrels for their Inappropriate remarks. I'm just going to say in a pleasant tone "Go Eff Yourself, you inconsiderate Boob." I've noticed people who have barbed tongues have Very Thin Sking.
nancy said…
Holy moly! I can't believe she said that. I would have just said "Why would you say that to me?" and leave it open ended so she'd have to come up with an answer. Or I would have called her a bitch. Either/Or.

I've never had a m/c that I knew of. (knock on wood) I think I had a chemical pregnancy once, but never confirmed with betas, just a light bfp one day that was back to negative the next. But being in the blogosphere, I just saw so many m/c stories and since I was never able to have "my" magical date to get past, I'm still quite freaked out to be honest. With my first, my OB told me the risk of m/c dropped to something like 1-3% and that was all I needed. And then I read hundreds of stories, just like your own, and now know a heartbeat doesn't mean exhale.

Ugh - I don't mean to be saying anything non-happy right now. Just sharing my feelings about the magic date IFers have. And I simply can't wait until you get past it on Monday! I have a wonderful feeling for you and those little heartbeats will still be there and you'll see two babies swimming around! :)
docgrumbles said…
Indeed, you NEVER ever say that! Ever!

Good luck at the big u/s!
Shal said…
the lady was a total bitch... I hope no one invites her to gatherings... no reason for ppl like that!

But I am sending great vibes for the 10 wk u/s! I can't wait to hear the good news!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
I can't believe some people! How awful! Anways, we will all think good thoughts for you, you and your babies will be just fine! Don't worry over people like her!
Mimi said…
What an evil woman. Seriously. WTH is her problem?? I would write her off too. On a positive note, Good luck at your u/s!!!! I am so excited for you.
That is so horrendous -- I'm so sorry you had to endure that. It's always so awkward when people make comments like that in social situations too (I am recalling the time at a holiday party a few years ago when a woman who had just had a baby commented on "all those empty rooms" in reference to my childless house). Anyway, onward to your ultrasound tomorrow. I can only imagine how nervous you are -- I keep thinking of how I will feel when I get pg in the future now that I've had a m/c -- but I have a good feeling that everything is going to be just fine for you. Keeping you in my thoughts.
Anonymous said…
I don't agree with what she said - I would have kept my mouth shut even thought I might have been thinking exactly what she said. No offense Heather, but maybe she lost a baby, or two, or three. It's hard for some of us not to be bitter and not to say what we are thinking - especially when on the outside it *appears* that your under the assumption that pregnancy = baby. I know you know that isn't always the case and I pray your twins are born happy, healthy and screaming. It's just sometimes that doesn't happen.

I hope you continue to enjoy your pregnancy - you deserve the peace of mind infertiles aren't usually privy too.
Just Me. said…
Gosh! What a thing to say! Such a biatch!!!

I'll be praying for a great U/S and with two very strong heartbeats.


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