PG - 9 Weeks 1 Day - I've Got Protection!

- from stretch marks! I bought Mamma Mio Stretch Mark Prevention Oil from Destination Maternity yesterday when we were finishing up small Christmas shopping. I used it this morning after my shower and I really like it. It feels great and it smells terrific. I hope it works. I have stretch marks from my pregnancy with Phoebe on my lower stomach from when she dropped, but I'm worried about getting a lot more from carrying twins. I'll let you know next year if it works or not.

We also had a great ultrasound today. Baby A had a heart rate of 17four (LOL - my four key still needs to be fixed) and was moving all over the place. She was doing a little shimmy-wiggle it was so cute!!!! Leo really enjoyed watching this ultrasound because he didn't get to see last week's, which was the first one that we were able to see any movement. Baby B was quiet today, but he was moving a bit. It's heart rate was 167 and he moved a little, but not as much as Baby A. Just about four to five weeks and I'll be feeling those movements. I do admit my intuition is telling me Baby A is a girl and I'm not quite sure what Baby B is. Of course I could be full of shit, but that's just what my gut is telling me.


Shal said…
Oh I'm going to post it on my site soon, but I'm about a week ahead of you... (so comment on my site after Christmas!)

But I'm so so so so so excited for you and TWINS! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

I got some great pregnancy lollipops from my friend in NY, and since I've had horrible Morning sickness they came at the RIGHT time!

Don't you love ultrasounds! Great heartrates! Isn't life good?
Shal said…
Oh Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and have a wonderful and Happy New Year!
Anna said…
Hi.... I've been reading your blog for a while now... but never commented :o(
Congratulations on your twins!
I couldn't resist but to guess the genders.
My guess is two girls. If I'm correct I'll tell you how I make my predictions.
Just want to wish you all the best for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Thanks for posting the creme you're using to prevent stretch marks.
Hopefully, I'll need to get it in the very near future.

Best wishes & Happy Holidays!!
Martha said…
That's wonderful, I'm glad all is well. Good for you for taking care of your skin.
Mimi said…
Ohhh I am so excited for you. That would be awesome if you had one girl and one boy!!! But of course, a healthy baby is all that matters. But it would still be so cool!!!
Billie said…
Merry Christmas. I am loving reading about this pregnancy and these two babies. God Bless you and your family
nancy said…

I always believed the OWT of heartbeats, but having a little one with a heart rate of 169 and him having a penis, well, that goes out the door!
I used that oil my entire pregnancy and didn't get one stretch-mark! ;) I also likes the smell and that is absorbed quickly. I had my hubby rub it on me every morning and before bed. It was a nice way for us to add a little intimacy and for him to see the changes to my belly everyday.

The heart rates are excellent. All is going so well! SO very happy for you. I thought my "baby B" was a girl for sure but she ended up being "Matthew".... so obviously I was wrong.

Happy Holidays!!!
docgrumbles said…
Glad they are looking good!

You'll have to let us know if the stretch mark prevention works.

Merry Christmas!
Loren said…
All the women on both sides of my family got S.M-but I snuck through pregnancy without them. I drank one gallon of water every day-not to save my skin, but it sure didn't hurt-and applied pure cocoa butter (st.helene's in a tube) and pure vitamin oil every am and pm. Not one stretch mark!!!
I am so happy for you, SM or not!!!

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