Twins - 34 Week Gestation Update

If "The Boys" were still on the inside, they'd be 34 weeks gestation. Everything continues to go well, except Tommy is still ahead of where Liam is. Liam's been loosing weight since he's been off the IV and on full feeds through the feeding tube. The doctors called for both of their feeds to be fortified for extra calories, so hopefully that will help.

The other good news with Tommy is he's working to become a nursing champ. He's taking bottles from the nurses when I'm not around, but I've now tried nursing him four times over the past two days and two of those times, he did great. Two days ago, the first time I tried nursing him, he took 1/2 his feed from nursing. The second time he wasn't as interested that day. He seemed kind of tired. Yesterday, he wasn't interested at all, but the second time I tried, he nursed for a 1/2 hour, which at that point the nurses confirmed with the doctor's that their was no point in trying to feed him anymore for that feeding time. I was really surprised he did so well. He really knew what he needed to do, with a little help from me tickling him under his chin if he stopped here and there.

Another thing that makes it seem so real that they are here is we got their Social Security Cards in the mail. So the government officially recognizes them as real. Seeing their names on those official government cards made it seem so much more real.

Another thing that made me really happy is two days ago, I was at Borders and realized that The Pet Shop Boys came out with a new CD. I'm a huge lifelong fan and was so excited. The last time they came out with a new CD with new music (and not remixes of older stuff) was in 2000, the year Phoebe was born! Of course I bought it and have been listening to it over and over. Out of curiosity, I went to their website yesterday and found out they were having pre-sale concert tickets for the US and it was the last day to buy!!! They rarely ever tour the US and I've never seen them in concert because of it. Leo and I talked and agreed to go ahead and buy the pre-sale VIP tickets for the Atlantic City House of Blues concert. The VIP tickets are supposed to include premium seating and meeting the band!!!! Between Tommy nursing and me getting to meet The Pet Shop Boys and see them in concert for the first time, I'm walking on clouds. Can you imagine what I'll be like when they get home???? Well, besides happily tired.


sky girl said…
You have every right to be excited. It's all good news. :)
Martha said…
Best Wishes for your boys continued growth and adorableness!! I am so happy for all of you!!
Ellen K. said…
Belated congratulations on the birth of your boys! They are beautiful, and I love their names. They sound like they're doing well, and it's great that you are already planning a special date night.
Very glad to hear that the boys are doing well and that is FABULOUS that Tommy is BFing! YAY!

I bet you guys are so excited for them to come home! Thinking of you, sweetie! ((HUGS)) :)
Formerly Gracie said…
That's great news! I hope the boys continue doing so well and come home soon!!!
Abby said…
Hi I just came across your blog. I am the mother of triplets born at 31wekk 1 day gestation. They are nnow 5 months old and doing great. We had the apnea issues.. ect... it does get better. Hang in there

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