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Twins Update, Yoga and the End of the School Year!

Tommy and Liam are doing very well. I was starting to get frustrated for a few days as it didn't seem like anything was getting any better. But they turned a corner and both are starting to regulate their own temperature better and are beginning to gain more weight. After that one night that Tommy nursed so well, we hadn't had a repeat of that until last night. Now I need to see if I can get it to continue, but I think it will. Next I need to work with Liam, but he's still been very sleepy the past few days and I think it's because he's working hard to gain weight and regulate his temperature. Liam is now off the pulse-oximeter and the temperature lead to the isolette, so he now has the same number of wires that Tommy has. I'm thinking it still might be another two weeks at least before they come home since they haven't transitioned yet to an open crib.

I'm also feeling pretty good as I got "back to the mat" yesterday. I was very kind to myself, but it felt very good to get into Triangle Pose and Downward Dog as well as my other favorite poses. Very relaxing and it felt so good to stretch!!!

And last but not least, yesterday was Phoebe's last day of school. We took her out to Friendly's for dinner and then went to visit the boys. Today is the first day of her Freestyle skating class and back to her private ice skating lessons, both on the same day. So I'll be spending the afternoon at the ice skating rink with a break to McD's for dinner in between.

And it's a rainy, dreary day here in PA today. I'll want to make sure I bring an umbrella when I go to the hospital this morning. I wonder if I can fit into a pair of jeans yet? Probably not.


Anonymous said…
I'm SO IMPRESSED! I've barely bounced back from my relapse and haven't even considered downward dog. Yes the rain STINKS! I feel like it's been raining or cloudy almost nonstop. When did the PA weather switch with the WA weather? DH went to Seattle last week and it was beautiful and sunny. Here? Rainy, cloudy, and chilly. Grrrr.... BTW, are you going to be staying home for a time? In August I'll be able to drive again...
Carrie Ann said…
Yoga already? Wow that's great!! The only pose I could do after my c-section was the lying-on-the-couch pose!!
Glad that the boys are doing well. It doesn't feel like summer yet -weather-wise- here in Chicago either!!
I'm very glad to hear that the boys are starting to be able to regulate their temps and gain weight--that is fabulous progress. :) I know you will get there with the BFing for both of them and I'll be thinking of you in the process.

Yoga, already? Wow. I'm 10 months postpartum and hadn't even considered it. :P

I hope you, Phoebe and the entire family have a great summer break!
Anna said…
Wow... Good for you, for getting back into yoga, building up your strength (both mental and physical) until your boys get home.

It's actually good to hear you voice your frustration, because I've often wondered how mothers with babies still in the NICU etc. deal with the emotions of having them there, and with the baby's progress or lack there of.

That being said, I am happy you are now seeing progress with the boys and I pray and hope it continues and they grow healthy and strong and will be home very soon.

With your DD's end of school year, seems like you'll be having an extra hand around during the rest of your leave.
All the best for the summer, sounds like a fun time to have your hands full :o).

Best wishes,
docgrumbles said…
If you can already fit into a pair of jeans, don't tell us about it ;)I'd be sooooo jealous!
Heather said…
I definitely can't fit into a pair of jeans!!! Not even my biggest pair of jeans. I can't get them over the top of my thighs. No worries there.
JB said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
sara said…
Sorry the JB comment was me accidently signed into my husband's google on autoset so I deleted it :-) But anyways you and the twins are always in my thoughts and prayers as well. I know I don't comment often but I love seeing the process that they make each day and I'm always rooting for you!
Suzanne said…
Wow! You give me hope! That is the one thing I can't wait to do after I have the babies... exercise!

I am so glad to hear that the boys are progressing. Looking forward to hearing more!

Thanks for your comment on the nursery! We live in an old house, so when we moved in those hardwoods were buried under light green was a nice surprise for sure!
Anonymous said…
just catching up after vacation. sounds like things are moving along :) that's great. i came back to that dreary weather, but today the sun has come out. hope it's heading your way :)
Hilary said…
Glad the babies and you are doing so good! Hope the nursing works out for you guys..hopefully the bigger they get the easier it will be on everyone :) Yeah on the yoga :)
Mrs M@sk said…
Sorry, I have been so slack with blog commenting lately. I know that it is a personal thing to post but would love to see some updated pictures of your boys. They are doing so well xo
Queenie. . . said…
I haven't stopped by in a few weeks, and I can see I've missed out on a LOT!!!! Congratulations on the birth of the boys! I can't wait to hear their birth story. That must've been a scary surprise. It sounds like they are doing really well, though.

And by the way, you look FABULOUS in that bikini shot. You will be back in your jeans in no time.

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