Twins - Pre-2 Week Update

Tomorrow "The Boys" will be two weeks old!!! And I have lots of good updates. Here's a run down of both:

- Tried a bottle for the first time yesterday. It was a fast-flow nipple, so he didn't really have to suck much, but he got the swallowing part down pat. He had 16 ml of his 36 ml feed from the bottle before he fell asleep and I couldn't wake him again by chucking him under his chin.
- Now weighs 4 lbs 1 1.5 oz (a gain of 1.5 oz in 2 days)
- His feed today was moved up to 38 ml

- Off oxygen again. Still on caffeine. His apnea issue was a little better today. He seemed to recover on his own more.
- He's also off the IV and is strictly getting his calories from breast milk from the feeding tube.
- Dropped a little in weight and is now 3 lbs 15 oz. His last weight was when he was still on the IV, so the drop in weight is to be expected at first.
- Is now on the full feed size for his weight of 36 ml.
- Also likes his pacifier today for the first time. It was cute he was holding it with his hand to keep it in his mouth.

I started talking with the nurses about when we can try having them try to nurse. They said we'll do that soon during a time when they are eating on the feeding tube. I'll be asking again tomorrow.

BTW, I have a product shout out. It's the Earth Mama + Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter. It's fabulous. One of my friends at work gave it to me with some other products from their line and this one is my favorite of all them. It has lanolin beat hands down.


Martha said…
Yipee for your beautiful boys' progress. I bet you will be so excited for them to come home soon. I hope you are feeling better everyday. Take good care.
Anna said…
Yikes!! 2 weeks already!!!

Such good news on Tommy taking a bottle and being able to swallow :o) plus the weight gain. Go baby go.

Glad Liam's apnea is getting better. Hope it continues.
It's always good to let others know what works.
I've been writing a few things for future reference. Hope I can find them when I need them.

Best wishes,
Miss Mac said…
Thanks for the updates & it sounds like they are well on their way to coming home! Yeah! Take Care!
Hilary said…
They are doing so great!!! :)
Billie said…
I'm following every improvement and so excited for you. One of my boys weighed 5 pounds and 11 ounces. When we brought him home we could almost hold him in one hand. I can't even imagine how tiny the boys are. Hope they are both on the breast soon and at home with their big sister.

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