555th Post - The Family is Complete at Home

Things have been crazy at our house since Friday night. Liam came home and now we are all here and nesting. Although I'm going stir crazy by now, LOL. But I love kissing up these boys and watching them sleep next to each other.

It was getting really hard with Liam in the hospital, especially with concerns about him not eating enough and gaining weight. It seemed like he had turned a corner the last day, so they let him come home. I know I was getting concerned over the weekend and was worried that we'd end up back at the hospital after his first pediatrician appointment today. He was eating about 1 1/2 oz breast milk per feeding and could go about three to four hours between feedings. I had to wake him often for feedings, but once awake, he'd seem like he'd want to eat. I was still concerned that he might now be eating enough. Especially since his diapers were not that wet and he hasn't had any stool in his diapers. Not that he's ever been a big pooper. Even at the hospital it's usually a few days.

I am happy to report that Liam did great at the doctor's today. He's gained 5 oz since he was sent home Friday! I almost started crying with relief! So right now Liam is 5 lbs 6 oz and Tommy is 6 lbs 2 oz. Tommy's weight was last taken on Friday by the home health nurse that came by. She comes back again to check on the boys on Wednesday.

I'll post with some pics of the boys soon.


Martha said…
Yeah!! That is so wonderful your beautiful boys are home and thriving. Congrat!!
Shal said…
Yay Congrats that both the boys are home now! Must be busy!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Glad they are both home and gaining weight! Keep up the good work!
Formerly Gracie said…
One day those boys will be eating you out of house and home and you'll laugh at how much you fretted every ounce once upon a time.

I'm so happy that they've continued to improve. I can't wait to see more pics!
cat said…
Hola! You guys are doing so well! Keep the faith girl- these first few weeks are tough. Love and light to you.
Piccinigirl said…
wow, BIG BOYS!!! I am so glad that Liam is home now with Tommy!!!! How Glorious! (I remember those first appts and how I would hold my breath while they weighed them..) they go tomorrow for their 18 month check and I'm hoping they have slimmed down a little. Seems like yesterday that I was praying for Chunky thighs. LOL

Miss Mac said…
Great News! Enjoy this time and congrats! Twin baby boys... fun, fun, fun!!!
Congratulations!! Yeah!! Wishing you all the best as you adjust to juggling everyone at home.

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