Getting into Routine

The days (and nights) are getting better. We're getting settled into a routine and we've gotten out of the house a few times, so I'm getting more comfortable with that. I'm going to try to get some pics uploaded of the boys. They are getting more and more cute every day. Today, we're going to go grocery shopping. Woo hoo! I love getting out! We'll pick up the new parent essentials - coffee and diapers. BTW, I've gone back to drinking my coffee black. It seems to taste better that way to me right now. Plus it's a lot less fussing to get the caffeine into my system.

The visiting nurse came today. The boys are both measuring at 22 inches long. Tommy is now 7 lbs 1 1/2 oz and Liam is 5 lbs 15 1/2 oz. They have been increasing how much they've been eating, so I'm not surprised. Once Tommy took 6 oz in his bottle! And Liam even took 5 oz! Although usually they eat between 2 1/2 to 4 oz per feeding. I have to admit this bottle feeding is completely new to me. Phoebe exclusively nursed except when she was at day care.

Other than catching up on sleep, I've been reading more of the Sookie Stackhouse, Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. They are so yummy!!! I just finished "Dead as a Doornail". They keep getting better as you read each one. I think the "Trueblood" series on HBO can keep going forever with these stories. Of course they change a lot for the HBO shows, but they still manage to make it really, really good. You can't say you like the books better, so that says a lot.

Well I'm going to go catch up blogs, some emails and try to get to upload some new pics of the boys.


Summer said…
I'm glad to hear the boys are doing so well!

I've read a bunch of those Sookie Stackhouse books, too. They're a lot of fun, perfect for the beach or traveling. I once took one with me to keep me entertained when I was called for jury duty, and was I ever glad I did. So much better than my other entertainment option, a rerun of Macgyver on the TV bolted to the wall....
Martha said…
Thanks for the book recommendation, always on the lookout for a good read.
I am so delighted the boys are doing so well, Love to all!
Piccinigirl said…
sounds like things are settling in Heather. I'm glad.
those first few months, I was a zombie...but so in love too.
The boys sound great...hope things continue to go well!!!!

enjoy those books too!! Glad you're taking some time for you.

sky girl said…
What hungry little boys you have!!

Glad things are going well for you. I am very impressed that you have time to read. :)
cat said…
Congratulations on doing so well! It is so important to get out of the house when they are tiny because one tend to think that it is so much easier to just stay put.
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Wow-they are gaining weight great! And what great eaters! My little one only ever eats 3 oz at a time!
Dr. Grumbles said…
Wishing you much luck and strength as you get comfortable and watch them grow!
Billie said…
Heather, I know you must be very busy but I'm starting to worry about you and the boys. Hope you can find the time to do a short blog post just to let us all know that all is okay.

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