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Happy Mother's Day (Everyday)!

Happy Mother's Day to all! I will admit the older I get (and now that I have children, LOL), I'm more interested in the love I get the other days of the year than to put tons of expectations on one day.

The boys are taking baths in the regular bathtup now that they can sit up more stably. Phoebe helped me. She took her shirt off later, but I didn't want to post those pics, as she's getting older now and who knows what perverts are out there.

Liam was too distracted to look at me, but here's Tommy

Then I tried to take a pic of them together in their PJs. They wouldn't stay together though.

Unless a book was involved. They love this Elmo book!

Then pics of them being tucked into bed. Liam loves to sleep and his blankie. Tommy will not let me tuck him in anymore. He wants to go back to playing in his crib and standing.


Leigh said…
You are a rock star - your first paragraph encouraged me so, so much.

Thank you dear Heather :)
Deanna said…
So sweet! I love babies in the bathtub. And Phoebe is probably just the right age to enjoy their playfulness now, I guess? The boys' hair has grown so much! It looks like it's basically the same color as my girls'. Happy Mother's Day!!
Suzanne said…
What cutie patooties!
Mel said…
The boys are getting soooo big! How did that happen?! :) Thanks for sharing the precious pics. Too stinkin' cute. *hugs*
Martha said…
Happy Mother's Day to you and your beautiful famly.

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