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Laundry Machine on Overdrive

We're under the siege of the stomach bug of 2010, and hopefully it is the only one and the only infected are the boys. But it's nasty. It seemed to start on Sunday, but I wasn't sure if it was just that they had a stuffy nose and it was making them gag and making their BM runny. But not so. Yesterday we went with cereal and dry toast to eat and pushed the formula thinking it was still just a cold. But then they really seemed to be throwing up without gagging and then for sure I knew when at 5:30 AM Liam had dry heaves. Poor thing.

Off to the doctor we finally went today. They've had no fevers and that's good, but the doctor said no food except maybe some dry toast or chicken noodle soup tonight and no formula but to give them pedialyte. The funny thing is Phoebe never got stomach bugs until she was 4 years old, so I had no experience with NOT feeding a baby formula or breastmilk. She tried pedialyte once too, and she hated it. The boys seemed to like it. Tommy drank a whole sippy cup (about 6 oz) and kept it down. Liam stopped at 1/2 the sippy cup and wanted to go to bed. I let them have some when we got back from the doctor. They are napping now, but the laundry is going and I'll be running around soon giving more of everything a wipe down with clorox wipes. We did wipe down all the boys toys last night with the wipes. I also did all the downstairs doorknobs, light switches and cleaned the downstairs bathroom. Today I'll get the upstairs done the same. This is mostly so we don't get it. I guess to protect them from reinfecting I should wipe off the springy doorstops and wash the floors.


Martha said…
Poor things, I hope the boys feel better soon.
Oh dear, that sounds horrible. You've earned your title of SuperMom for Mother's Day this year.

I hope the boys are on the mend and that the rest of you can avoid it.
Anonymous said…
Oh man. That is a lot of work just disinfecting.

I really hope they are feeling better quickly and no one else gets it. Especially mom. :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh man. That is a lot of work just disinfecting.

I really hope they are feeling better quickly and no one else gets it. Especially mom. :-)
Marcelle said…
Heather thinking of you at this time, not nice to see your precious little people in this way....Hope they all better soon.

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