So Far, So Good

Today the boys woke up with just very wet diapers. Nothing gross and disgusting waiting for us running up their back and making them needing a shower first thing in the morning with us. I got ready for work before they got up, in the hopes that they were feeling better.

Yesterday, all they had was pedialyte and I made a pot of homemade chicken soup for dinner. So that seemed to settle well in their stomach. This morning we let them have some cheerios again and still no formula, just pedialyte. We decided to hold off on formula until this evening when I get back and to stick to the pedialyte and chicken soup for lunch.

I'm at work now and I'm making sure I have my cell phone with me just in case Niki calls to say that they had a messy diaper and if they do, they'll be going right back to the doctor.

I really hope we're done with this. BTW, here's my current list of how I've been looking at the sunny side of life:

REALITY: The dishwasher is broken and to fix it will cost about 1/2 of the cost of a new one and we don't know if it will be fixed with that repair. It may need more, so we'll be ordering a new dishwasher tomorrow. MY THOUGHTS - At least the washing machine works.

REALITY: The boys have been sick and not able to eat for days. MY THOUGHTS - At least they are done with bottles. They've been drinking their pedialyte from sippy cups, so why let them go back to bottles now that they seem to be better.

REALITY: I busted my butt cleaning the house and keeping everything disinfected the past few days. MY THOUGHTS: Wow! The house is nice and clean! I get to enjoy the weekend without worrying about cleaning.

Yeah! I'm pretty sick aren't I?


Heather said…
No, you are being positive which is a GOOD thing. The world needs more people like you. I wish I were more positive.
Piccinigirl said…
yep, sounds like those lemons made some tasty lemonade sweetie pie.

I am wishing you a POOP free weekend :)
The glass half full perspective is admirable. I need to work on that.

I think it's funny how since becoming a mom I can talk endlessly about poop. I often need to check myself around certain company. It's become a common topic of conversation for me.

I hope the boys are on the mend and that you can enjoy your weekend and free time!
Rebecca said…
You must like your eggs sunny side up too! What a good eye for the silver lining. BTW...congrats on the much better than bottles! Stick with it!
Queenie. . . said…
I hope they are better! What a long week it must've been for you. Hope your reward is a fabulous weekend with healthy boys (and healthy daughter, self and husband!)
So glad the boys are feeling better!

I love that you're so positive. Generally that's me but sometimes (like with that post on work) one area of my life just plain sucks. Or at least I feel that anyway.

Your boys are SO ADVANCED - sippy cup drinkers - yay! They need to come teach mine.

My kids toss it around to see what can be soaked the fastest so I only give water in the sippy cups. Yesterday Connor was SOAKED when I got home. V says "oh he was drinking water". Aaah.
joven said…
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cat said…
No, heavens, I need an outlook like that one!

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