Still Not Better

Ugh! At least the top end is better. Now we're still working on the bottom half. They both took showers with us this morning as they had it running up their backs and all over their onesies. Today we're not even going to give in a give the few stray cheerios they've been getting. Just pedialyte. If they are not better by tomorrow, they are going back to the doctor's. This is one nasty bug. I'm used to stomach bugs being gone in 24 hours, but they haven't had real food since Tuesday morning.

For now, I'm going to drink my coffee and check up on a few blogs. After that, I'm going to sanitize the house and get some more work from home done today. The boys are napping as that's what they love to do right now when they aren't chugging pedialyte or acting completely miserable in your arms although they act like that's all they want. Then they are completely happy when you put them back in bed and let them sleep it off. Poor dears.


Heather said…
OH NO! I was hoping you guys were on the mend.

Continued prayers - hope it clears up soon!!
Marcelle said…
Thinking of you and your household Heather...Sending get better vibes your way....
Deanna said…
Poor babies!! Praying they are better soon, and that the rest of you stay healthy!
Martha said…
You poor babies, I hope the boys feel better soon.
sky girl said…
It sucks so much when the babies are sick. I hope that things get better very soon!
Tracy said…
Hope they're feeling better soon. Double virus is NOT fun. :( For anybody.
That's when you know they're not well - when they're listless and just want to sleep.

i feel so sorry for all of you - can't be fun for any of you.

Is Phoebe fine?
Piccinigirl said…
Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. I know that when the little guys are sick, it's BAD for everyone.

how are they today??? sending lots of GET WELL thoughts to your house.


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