Leading Up to the Big Day

The boys birthday is tomorrow! I'm cleaning the pics off the cameras and charging all the camera batteries. Not that we're having a huge party. We're actually not. Tomorrow on their birthday, we're really just going to VaLa (the vineyard near the house), listening to our friends play in their jazz trio there and then going back to the piano players house for a barbeque. I just want to enjoy some peace on their birthday. I worked hard this time last year to bring them into this world. Now I just want to enjoy my time with them. Sunday we're going to my in-laws for our usual barbeque we have every year. We never barbeque on the holiday itself, but the day before, so we don't have to drive home from NJ on Monday. We're going to have cake for the boys on both days. I'm also hoping to make some other good food for the weekend of hanging out.

So here's some pics I cleaned off since the last ones I've taken. Liam loves to wave at people. Here he is sitting in Phoebe's little red wagon.

Here Liam is again smiling, waving and looking all cute. What a multi-tasker!

Here's his brother Tommy eating the camera lens cap

Here's Tommy now sitting in the little red wagon.


I can't believe it - one year.

I went back and read your blog for an hour now catching up on the babies and Phoebe's stories.

heather, you've been through so much!

your weekend sounds perfect. perfect.

Enjoy the cake with the boys and congratulations on a whole year with twins :)

You do it with such grace and dignity!
Marcelle said…
One years old, I love that age....enjoy and have a great birthday party!
Heather said…
Their birthday? Already? Oh my, time flies.

Happy Birthday handsome Boys!!
Deanna said…
Happy Birthday, Liam and Tommy!! And congratulations to you for surviving the first year! : ) I hope they have a wonderful birthday.
Mandibula said…
Happy birthday big boys! Enjoy some relaxing family time.
queenie said…
Happy Bithday boys! Can't believe they are already a year. Two days of cake seems like the perfect way to celebrate.

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