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The fabulous, gorgeous (and very organized) Marcia tagged me for this meme. I get the impression she realizes I'm not in a lot of pictures and decided to torture me with this one.

You have to pick 5 photos of yourself that you love and I think say why, and then share 5 things you really like about yourself.

Here goes:

I dug this one up from 2002. It's a pic of me with Phoebe when she was a toddler in our front yard of the old house. She reminds me so much of a darker Liam in this pic.

Here's Phoebe and I taking a tour of a ship in the harbor of Baltimore, MD. She's 3 years old in this pic and I think we both look kind of cute.

Here's a pic from the same summer. This time we were going to visit Tom's brother and family in Wisconsin by way of Canada. It was so much more fun that way than going the boring way through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois to get there. That's the way we went home. Here we are with the Niagara Falls behind us. Later that day we had lunch at a vineyard in the Niagara Penninsula and then stayed that night in Toronto. We had a great time!

For the fourth one, I'm going to go back to 2002 again. For those that don't know, I'm a huge Star Trek fan, and my favorite captain is Captain Picard. As my mother used to say, "He can leave his shoes under my bed any night!" Here I am at the Madame Tussaud's wax museum in NYC with my favorites there:

For the last one, I know it's not a close up of me, but I love the dress I'm wearing and that I can see the muscles in my toned, yoga arms. To clear up any confusion, I'm in the multi-colored dress in the back near Phoebe. My friend Megan, is in the black dress and she looks fabulous as well. Also, my fabulous Mom is sitting next to Phoebe and my very handsome Dad is standing in the doorway. I don't remember ever noticing this pic before, but it's pretty cool that we're all together in this with Phoebe. This is from her 7th birthday party. We invited the entire 1st grade class to get to know them all.

And now 5 things I really like about myself:

1. My eyes. People ask me if they are my real color or if I have colored contact lenses. They are kind of a blue-green and they change color depending on what I am wearing or where I am. When I'm in the sun and near water like the beach or a pool, they are pale blue. Liam has my eyes.

2. I'm a very strong person and I love thinking about the things I've been able to overcome. I put myself through college and worked very hard to pay for it (before and after). Considering my degree was in electrical engineering, I'm very glad I've had the fortitude to be able to deal with paying to be there and studying very hard. I did have one of my professors tell me I should quit school and go part time if I needed to work 30 hours a week in order to afford my expenses! He said I'd never be able to do that and keep up my grades. I may not have had the wild party days some people think of with college (not that there's anything wrong with that), but that was my lot and I got through it. It also goes hand in hand with dealing with 10 years of officially fighting infertility. I'm counting from when I was first officially diagnosed at 28 before getting pregnant with Phoebe (with the doctor's help of OI/IUI treatments) and finally having the boys at 38 from IVF. We did get married at 23 and played Russian Roulette without birth control from the time we got married until we realized we needed help when I was 28, so I could count those 5 years too, but I don't as I didn't know there were problems yet.

3. I can usually get what I need from people. I learned early on that you "Catch more flies with honey than vinegar" and that motto has taken me many places and gotten me through many a car repair, or more recently the dishwasher repair.

4. I'm a very upbeat person. I think it's because I've gone through a lot in my life to get the things I've wanted, so I'm really grateful for what I have. I also know I can do anything I set my mind to, so I feel pretty upbeat when things get me down. I know everything always works out somehow.

5. I'm very organized, and with help from Flylady, I've been working on getting rid of my perfectionism. I may not be as organized as I'd like to be, but I love making lists and working my way through them. It saves me many times. I love it when my boss asks me about something and I can say "It's on my list for today!" as I point to my notepad.

Hope everyone has enjoyed this, and yes, the 2002 pics are my real haircolor!


DaisyGal said…
well I always knew you were awesome, but now you have proof. Love the pics!!!

(I love patrick Stewart..Picard, Scrooge..LOVE HIM)

I loved learning all about you!!!!!
Oh I LOVED your post, Heather. Soooo glad I tagged you :)

My favourite is you and Phoebe in pic 2 :) Both gorgeous!!!

And I love your 5 things - I'm going to write about gratitude tomorrow actually. And the perfectionism is a WIP (trust me!) - I did the main thing years ago (had to before telling clients to do so!) but it rears its head every now and then too.

I agree with all of your points - you are FABULOUS! (if only you lived closer...)
Deanna said…
That second picture is my favorite too...you and Phoebe are both beautiful!!

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