Boys 4th Birthday!

I can't believe the boys turned four years old this week on May 29th!  I feel like they were just born yesterday and so small.  They are definitely not small now.  I have no babies left.  That said, they are so much fun!  They love to say, "You're joking" and don't like when we say "Let's see."  They told us that means no.  The boys got Legos, books and Spiderman, Batman and Superman action figures to play with.  Tommy is all about building things with Legos, blocks, tinker toys and anything he gets his hands on and gives great big squeezy hugs!  Liam loves books, puzzles, pretend play, dressing up as a superhero (Batman is a particular favorite) and only cuddles when he's tired.

They loved their birthday.  They took home made carrot cake cupcakes to preschool to share with their friends and teachers and then had two individual cakes at home to blow out their candles.

I have so much to post on about the trip!  I'll try to do that in little pieces over the week.  For now, enjoy these pictures from their birthday.


Happy birthday, Tommy and Liam :)

I know - I can't believe it - 4 years old!!!!

What do they think of those sticks and blocks? I didn't tell you but mine play with a set like those for HOURS on end :)
Anonymous said…
omg. they look so old!!! :)

i'm avoiding legos as long as i can. i DREAD the day i step on one of those little single ones!!!
cat said…
Happy happy Bday to your two big boys. We have a slight Lego obsession in our house (all 3 kids)
Soupy said…
Happy birthday to your babies! It's so hard to believe it - my baby just turned 4 a few weeks ago, too :) The time was a BLUR!! It makes me sad it's going so fast, but at the same time, there are so many things to do now :)

Happy belated bday! :)

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