It's London Baby!

We're in London now, baby!  Back at a station called King's Cross...  let's all sing the Pet Shop Boys now!

I really loved London!  It was everything I ever thought it would be!

Don't I look happy with my Phoebes?

I do love a man in uniform!

The Prime Minister wasn't taking my calls

And yes, the bell is called Big Ben and not the tower, but let's go with it OK?

The London Eye was fabulous, sorry Marcia, no grey skies this day!

And this is not the London Bridge as some think but the Tower Bridge.  And it was fabulous!  Grey skies came in, Marcia!

Let's have a pint and some fish & chips

Sir Thomas More is one of my favorite saints.  Here's his name at a memorial for martyrs.

The streets were extremely clean, so I had to take this photo

Cab anyone?

Had to find a red phone booth!

And just as red are the royal mail post boxes

Architecture everywhere was amazing!!!  The second photo of Westminster Abbey is the background for my iPad right now.

Considering we just came from South Africa, this seemed appropriate.  I'm so sorry to hear he is extremely unwell.  Very amazing man.   

View from the Eye.  It was a grey sky day.

Window shopping on Bond Street.  Thankfully, it was closed.  I didn't need any shoe-venirs.

Had to go to Borough Market on a Saturday morning before we had to go to the airport to go home.

A carb lovers paradise!

Bridget Jones did not come out of her flat.  Maybe she was lucky and moved out to marry Mark Darcy....

Two of my favorite moments with Phoebe - first dancing with the guy outside the one souvenir shop.

The next was almost immediately following with some guys that were acting like they were statues.  She gave them a pound or two (I think? Can't remember).  This is what ensued....

The trip was so lovely, but it also feels so long ago.  So much has happened still since we've returned and I need to update you on so much.


JEN said…
I miss London so much! Great pics!
I love these photos so much! LOVE the ones of Phoebe :)

PS Kendra says she wants to wear her long-sleeved Ts like the "girl who lives with Aunty Heather and Uncle Tom".

We said, "phoebe?" and she says "yes, Phoebe leaves her top til the middle of her hand and that's how I want mine"


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