Trip to South Africa

I'm finally getting a little bit of time this Father's Day to reflect on the trip to South Africa.  It really was amazing!  My favorite part of the trip was seeing my dear friend, Marcia, and her family.  They are such lovely people and we spent a beautiful day at the Lion and Rhino Nature Reserve checking out the animals and had a Mother's Day lunch.  Malva pudding has become one of my favorite desserts, right behind creme brûlée.  And Marcia is so right that it tastes best with the creme on top warm.  I think I ate malva pudding at every place that served it.  Kind of like my love for fish and chips.  I usually love to try it everywhere it is on the menu and mentally compare where I think it is the best.  I think Phoebe was really missing her brothers that day.  She was playing a lot with their twins, having races and showing them different things.  She is really good with kids, but then again she may not look like it, but she still is a kid, LOL.

My second favorite thing about South Africa was Table Mountain.  The views are truly breathtaking there.  It was a shame I was there with my school class walking around by myself and that Tom and Phoebe were not with me.  I did send them there the next day when I was doing the last day of school things.  That was the day of drama I mentioned before.  Turns out everyone has started forming teams for the fall term when we have to work on a final project that will be due in May.  I found out that morning that people were forming teams and that no one had talked to me about it, which kind of left me feeling like the last person picked in gym class.  My feelings were extremely hurt.  I'm afraid to ask why I was not approached to help make up a team, but I think it's because not too many people know me well.  I'm usually too busy trying to balance the kids, work and school.  I think my team for the summer semester is liking me, I'm really pushing myself to do well and be more outspoken.  I was not a big fan of the team I had last term, as the only person I don't like in the class of 30 people was on that team.  He's much more impatient with getting moving on things, when I like to sit back and think a bit before diving in.

After this post, I have a lot to say about the rest of the trip to Paris and London with Tom and Phoebe.  We had so much fun!  On to the South Africa pictures!  First Joburg with Marcia driving me from the other side of the car!

The lions about to eat

Malva pudding! Yum!!!

Beautiful Marcia with her sweet boy on Mother's Day!

Phoebe watching the hippo

These two look cozy!

This giraffe did like Phoebe's hair.  Thought it was a snack!

New friends!

I was so happy to see Marcia and her family that day!!!  Can you see how tired I was from the trip though???

Our handsome men!  Hope they are both having a great Father's Day today!

More love for the Mommy!

Me and most of my crew on Mother's Day!

We had exhausted the kids at that point!  Hope they slept well that night....

Views from Table Mountain

These are from when Tom took Phoebe to Table Mountain.  Cool pic of Phoebe, eh?

Here's a view of the Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. 

I have so much blog posting to catch up on!  I have posts about Paris and London, coming back to school for me, things going on with the kids, the foods I've been cooking lately (the kitchen is where I get my crafty on!) and just enjoying the summer.


Aaaaah, I love this post!

We loved spending time with you - next time will have to be with the whole crew :)

LOVE the pics. And can't wait to hear about London and Paris!!!

I would love you to blog a little more about your impressions of SOuth Africa (good and bad) so we can see if the others agree/ disagree too. We spoke a lot about that but I'm sure there's more! :)


Anonymous said…
love these pics. how fun that you were able to see marcia again so quickly!!! :)

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