On The Search For New Blogs

I cleaned out my blog list in Feedly today, as I was home sick and had been meaning to do so for quite some time.  I was surprised how many blogs I used to read are no longer around.  Originally my reason for blogging and reading blogs was dealing with infertility.  My blog has changed since having the boys and we know we will not be trying to make any more babies.  We really want to close that chapter in our life.  And the blogs I used to read seem to have closed that chapter as well, some had success and others may not have, but all seem to have moved on.  So I cleaned out those that are no longer updated or meet my needs in this phase of life and I am now ready to update with some shiny new to me blogs.  Here's the topics I'll be looking for: parenting especially twins, food, healthy living, photography and FLY Lady stuff.  I'll let you know what I find!


I clean out my reader regularly too but I add them the same way - if something takes my fancy.... but if they stop inspiring me, I stop reading :)

Here are some favourites:


http://affordanything.com/ - I really like her mindset



and this is a scientist working mom of two - she- talks about stuff we talked about when you were here - the women thing in the workplace, Lean In-type stuff.

PS did you read Lean In?

PPS you'll see I read very different blogs but there's something there for each part of me (now I sound like I have multiple personalities :))
Heather said…
I have not read Lean In yet. I got it for free at something I went to for work, but I leant it to a friend. It's been awhile. I think I'm going to need to ask for it back!

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