Big Juicy Goals

As you may know, I’ve been working with Marcia’s goal setting spreadsheets as part of her Live Organised Community.  I have come up with some serious juicy goals that I want to achieve over the next few years.  I really think this is very doable, but it will be challenging.  This is why I didn't post any goals for August, as I wanted to do the big goals and now I'll be breaking it up into what I'm doing for the months ahead!  I'm extremely excited!  Now that I'm out of school, there is so many things I want to do, as you can see a lot is around decorating the house.  We really find decorating to be a great hobby and we love having people over to dinner, drinks, and "Funday Sundays!"  I really wish that Marcia and I could be neighbors.  I would love to invite her and her family over to share great food and times.

1.     Menu plan weekly/plan out new healthy recipe testing
2.     Organize Phoebe’s room before school starts this year
3.     Work with Phoebe daily on her organization this school year – both homework and activities
4.     Decorate new bedroom for Phoebe and move her in before the end of 2014 (Christmas present?)
5.     Keep the boys organized with school this year; make sure we understand what homework and activities they have with school
6.     Organize boys bedroom/school clothes/closets
7.     Finish chair rail in boys’ bedroom and straighten up their bathroom for them to use before the end of 2014
8.     Paint Phoebe’s old bedroom for boys’ playroom and put an area rug down over the existing carpet. Organize boys’ toys in the walk-in closet
9.     Keep the family calendar online and on paper up-to-date
10.  Keep the boys signed up for sports with the YMCA (soccer this fall); maybe ice skating this winter? They really should have swimming lessons.
11.  Document/start chores for kids before school starts and make it fun!
12.  Setup a game night with the kids
13.  Take more family pictures and print them out!
14.  Plan/take a family trip to Disney in 2016

15.  Learn new responsibilities and exceed expectations for 2014 and beyond
16.  Plan blogging business for all blogs by end of 2014
17.  Blog 3-4x per week on “joys” blog
18.  Build traffic on “joys” blog to 100 followers on both Feedly and Blogger/Google+
19.  Help Tom find a new job by the end of 2014

Health and Fitness
20.  Weigh 125 lbs by the end of 2014
·       Cardio 4x per week
·       Yoga on Monday nights
·       Track eating on UP app
·       Drink 8 glasses of water a day
·       Eat healthy – build default diet
21.  Train for Spartan Sprint in summer of 2015
22.  Train for the Rock n’ Roll half-marathon in Philly the end of summer 2015

23.  Pay off all debt except mortgage by the end of 2015
24.  Build Phoebe savings for college by end of 2018
25.  Buy vacation home in Cape May by summer of 2016
26.  Buy Heather new (pre-owned Mercedes M-class) car before the winter of 2014
27.  Replace Tom’s car in the fall of 2015

28.  Declutter living spaces in the house by end of 2014
29.  Declutter coat closets downstairs and setup launch pads for people to start their day right
30.  Decorate our bathroom (replace faucets, new mirrors and lights, paint & window treatment) by end of March 2015
31.  Reupholster sofa in our sitting room by end of March 2015
32.  Finish remaining wood floors upstairs by end of March 2015
33.  Decorate family room (new furniture, TV, blueray, remove entertainment center, replace carpet) by beginning of summer 2015
34.  Finish decorating inside of house by end of 2015.  Decide if we should move to house with pool and no homeowner’s association or if we should stay put
35.  Have outdoor patio setup and hot tub by end of 2015
36.  Immediately – plan out garden seasonally and harvest/weed daily

37.  Learn basic conversational French by end of 2014
38.  Learn more advanced French by the end of 2015

Fun, Recreation & Social
39.  Trip to Paris with Coni in Fall 2014?
40.  Plan another trip to Paris and London with Phoebe and Tom before she graduates high school
41.  Visit Cydney in California in 2015
42.  Visit Becky and Anthony in Hawaii in 2016
43.  Continue to meet up with friends 2x per month
44.  Plan “Funday Sundays” in the fall – invite lots of fun people


Mrs FF said…
Love your goals! I think I should take a leaf from your book and do a medium term goals list too! 3 stood out for me here - pay off debt, build college fund and whether to move to a place without homeowners association! The last one made me laugh because a friend said the same thing and another blogger I follow said she was also considering moving because she was tired of dealing with the HOA!!!!
Good luck with your goals!
well, wow! For anyone else, I'd say "slow down" but for you, that looks totally doable :)

Phoebe's going to love getting her new space for Christmas!

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