Menu Plan - Week of August 24

I loved the comments on my very lofty goals.  I'm looking forward to knocking them out of the park.  I will commit to posting my menu plans as that is my first goal on the list!  Tom and I did plan this out the beginning of this week. I just haven't had time to post yet.  Phoebe started school yesterday and the boys have been coming to the backup childcare at my work with me as their school doesn't start until tomorrow.

Last night, I was really proud of myself.  I had to take Phoebe to the doctors after work as she wasn't feeling well, and I was worried it would really be late by the time I had dinner made.  Then I realized that dinner was home made fish and chips and that really shouldn't take long to cook.  So I didn't cave and order pizza and dinner was made in short order.  I really tried to remember my goals and was sticking to them!  With no further ado, here is our dinner plans for the week:

Grilled asian marinade chicken thighs
Corn on the cob
Sugar snap beans
Caprese salad (mozzarella cheese, tomato from our garden, basil)

Homemade fish and chips with tartar sauce - I wish I took a picture of this last night, it came out great!
Leftover corn on the cob and sugar snap beans

Leftover grilled chicken thighs from Sunday
Big green salad
Corn on the cob


Orecchiette pasta with beans, mint, garlic and pine nuts (this picture shows with edamame, but you can use pinto or white beans too)
Caprese salad

Smoked salmon (Tom has it curing in it's rub in the refrigerator right now!)
Brown rice

Friday and Saturday we are playing dinner by ear as the kids are off school on Friday and I'll be working from home to be with them.  Monday we are all off work and school for Labor Day, so we're not sure what days we'll be local and which days we'll go to my in-laws for a family picnic.  We also need to visit the in-laws as my MIL has some shirts for the boys for me.  The boys' school uniform requires the school name to be on the left side of the shirt.  I could have gotten them from the uniform company, but my MIL has an embroidery machine and she said she'd take care of it for me.  I was able to get their shirts and pants from Old Navy, which saved us a lot of money with two kids to have setup for school.


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