First Day of School - Kindergarten and 8th Grade!

Today was the boys first day of Kindergarten!!!  The level of excitement around these parts has been unreal.  There has been excitement, difficult sleeping (on the part of children) and complete exhaustion (on my part and my husband).  This morning, we dropped the boys off at their classroom, gave some supplies to the teacher and went down to the main office to give the nurse their updated medical forms and Tommy's Epi-pen (he's allergic to bee stings like his father).

The boys are going to the local Catholic school which is Kindergarten through 8th grade.  We made that decision for now as the public school, which is where Phoebe goes, only has 1/2 day Kindergarten.  I thought they were to have switched to full day by now, but they have not.  The Catholic school has full day Kindergarten and they share a bus with their sister who is in the public middle school, so that is very convenient.  There school is also across the street from hers, which makes it easy if we ever need to drop off or pickup at the school.  They wear uniforms and there is only one Kindergarten class, so they are in the same class.  The teacher did ask me on Sunday when we visited if the boys needed to sit together or if they are OK at different work tables.  I said different tables was fine as they both seem to have their own interests and don't feel the need to be completely joined at the hip.  They just like to know where the other one is sometimes.  The other funny thing is there are THREE sets of twins in this class!!!  Two sets are boys and one set are girls.  We're all very excited for the upcoming school year.

I really super love this picture!  They are ready to take on the world together!

Phoebe also started 8th grade on Monday.  I'm doing her second, not because she is second best, but because she's probably not crazy about me posting about her these days, LOL.  She's going girly in her wardrobe this year.  We bought all dresses and skirts for school.  I told my husband last night when she was asking if something matched for school today that I told him this would happen.  The bathroom is all face-wash, hair products and makeup!  

Dress, check.  Vans, check.  Cell phone, check.  The girl is outta here!

Hope everyone has a great school year!!!


Mandy said…
Sooo grown up, all of them. I was surprised to hear you don't have all day K. I would gladly have taken half day! This all day schedule is going to be hard on our ladies. Here's to a great year!
I'm with Mandy! I LOVE that the school my kids will be going to is half day. Their current school day finishes at 1:15 and next year they finish at 12:30 - I could NOT be happier.

Now back to your bunch - has Phoebe gone taller than you, Heather? She looks like she's grown a few more inches! What lovely long legs.

And the boys are ridiculously cute! I also love that they have each other!!!
cat said…
Oh I love that same pic of the boys! Best of luck for the year and Phoebe is so beautiful. All girl
Heather Wilson said…
Yes, Phoebe is now an inch taller than me. She wears my shoe size and can borrow my clothes, although they are not "cool". She likes borrowing my sandals/flip flops. Today she's wearing my black flip flops to school with a maxi skirt and a white t-shirt.
Queenie. . . said…
How did they go so BIG??? It seems like just yesterday they were babies. I love that pic, too. Awesome!

My daughter has been in full day (7am-3pm) school since she turned 4. She's exhausted at night (she'll still nap on the weekends and during school breaks if we make her), so we put her in bed around 6:30 to make up for it. While it's a long day for her, she LOVES it, and she's learning a ton. In fact, she's become fully bilingual in six months (her classes are all in Spanish). Every kid is obviously different, but I think the full day schedule is great for the right kids.

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