October Updates - Pumpkins and Renaissance Faire!

October was a very exhausting and interesting month!  I'm looking forward to some more quiet in November, please.  We did our annual pumpkin purchases at Glen Willow Orchards....

Every year they bring out their hay sculptures.  The kids look forward to it!

We went to the Renaissance Faire three days after my surgery.  Phoebe fully dressed up, I went with comfort.

The boys are all about the pirate ship there.  It's always the first stop!

Tommy and I when on the manual ride.  I think I did most of the rope pulling.

Liam opted for a new form of time-out...

Then it was time for King Henry XIII to kick off some jousting!

After this, the camera ran out of it's battery charge, LOL.  Tommy was taking lots of pictures. These last two were from him.  We celebrated Phoebe's birthday the next day.

More to come ... our 20th wedding anniversary, an in-school suspension for Phoebe and a change of schools coming for the boys!  It's been an interesting month!


I can't wait to hear about the in-school suspension and the boys' school.

That family photo of all of you is JUST GORGEOUS, Heather!

Can you believe how big the kids are?!
Mrs FF said…
In school suspension! WHY?

Hope you are fully recovered now after the surgery?

20 years ! WOW!!! That's wonderful to many more years of friendship, happiness and love
cat said…
Oh I want to know the rest! It looks like a wonderful day out and brave going out so soon after surgery

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