The End of an Era - But Not This Blog

Tomorrow morning will be a very pivotal point in my life... I'm having my tubes tied.  I am 43 years old and will have my 20th wedding anniversary on October 22nd.  I am ready to officially say I'm done trying to have babies!  Not that I've been taking the pill for the past 5 years doesn't say that already, LOL.  The truth is that the likelihood of me getting pregnant is slim to none due to my endometriosis issues; however, if I ever did get pregnant on my own, the doctor's say it would most likely be ectopic and that could be dangerous.  I'm also having a LEEP done at the same time.  I've had abnormal pap smears the past several years and this is something they would recommend doing to treat that, but only if there is no plans to have more children.  I'm nervous as always before being put under anesthesia.  I've never liked that concept.  I just need to get through now until the moment when they give me the relaxing meds and I won't care anymore.

Things are going great with the family.  The kids are really starting to settle into a routine.  It would have been nicer if it was earlier in the school year that this occurred, but the boys got strep throat the first week after school started and we had been battling it since.  We seem to have now officially gotten rid of that bug (I'm knocking vigorously on wood!).  The boys will still be taking their current antibiotic until the weekend is over, but I think we should be good then.  Whew!  We're getting into a routine with homework and dinner, but I wish bedtime was easier.  I usually have to sit outside their room to keep them from playing in bed and rough housing with each other.  Of course the morning comes and most of the time they don't want to wake up.  I'm going to try to get them down earlier tonight, so we'll see how that goes.

I was really tired last night and I'm sure I'll be just as tired tonight.  I'm doing a detox.  I'm still eating, but no coffee (I can have a cup of green tea if desperate), alcohol, I already don't drink soda, no nightshades (potatoes, peppers, eggplant), no pork or beef and no wheat products.  Today is my second day.  I've done this before and it's always interesting how much better I feel after a few days.  I figured with the surgery going on Thursday, this week was a good time to do this.  Yesterday I had a caffeine withdrawal headache by 1PM, and we'll see how it goes today.  I think I'll be fine.  By the end of the day yesterday, I was so sleepy.  It was awesome to jump into bed and get cozy.  I'd like to be there now and just sleep until my surgery is over.  Is that possible?  I know when Phoebe gets home from school tomorrow, we're going to have a Gilmore Girls on Netflix marathon while I'm recovering.  So I'm really looking forward to that!

BTW, menu plan I wasn't planning on posting this week.  It's not that exciting, but we are eating our home cooked dinner staples.  We'll be having pasta with beans, sausage, pine nuts and mint tonight.  I have to decide if I'm going to have curried pumpkin soup instead so I can stay on my detox or if I'll break the fast of pasta.  The sausage is made from chicken, so that's not a cheat.


Praying all will go well, Heather!
Anonymous said…
Good luck tomorrow. I always get nervous before anesthesia, too. You'll have to keep me posted on how it goes. I'm considering my options.

I'm having the exact same bedtime/morning issues with the girls. Tonight my husband put them to bed at 5:30 (!!!) to see if that helps. They went right to sleep. If they are up at 3am, though, so is he. :)


Stephanie said…
Read through your last couple of posts. Glad to hear things went well! Take care.

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