Phoebe's Birthday

Phoebe turned 14 last Monday.  Wow has time flown by!  Next year she will be in high school.  Please excuse what she's wearing.  All the kids got comfy at this point, as it was a Monday night and we took the kids out for sushi and Chinese (Phoebe's request and the boys didn't complain).  We went to Whole Foods afterward and Phoebe picked out a pear tart for her birthday cake.  Phoebe does not like cake.  We're not big fans either, so we all love a pear tart standing in for cake!!!!  For her birthday we got her a movie "The Fault in Our Stars".  She's read the book and saw the movie at the theater this summer.  She absolutely loves it.  We also let her get the upgrade for her phone to get her the new iPhone 6 (not the 6 Plus).  This may seem extravagant, but she is on her phone all the time, so it makes the most sense for a gift. She listens to music on it, texts her friends (sometimes about homework, LOL), watches movies, surfs the Internet.  She uses it for everything!!!  We also did not pay full price, just the upgrade price.

Why do I have a new iPhone 6 case in my favorite color for my present?

My new iPhone 6 should arrive in 2 days!  Really!!!


Happy birthday Phoebe!!!

Hmmm, pear tart sounds good right now. I have apple tart in the fridge so I think I'll have a slice, with a mug of tea and think of Phoebe :)
Mrs FF said…
Happy birthday Phoebe. Hope she's enjoying her new phone?
cat said…
Happy happy Bday Phoebe! She is all grown up and beautiful

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