Strength Training Feels Good

During the month of April, I really focused on becoming consistent about cardio.  This month with the Core/Legs Challenge my up-line coach is hosting on Facebook, I'm focused on becoming consistent about doing some strength training with the cardio in the morning.

I'm really loving the way strength training is making me feel.  For those that don't remember, my word of the year is "Strong."  Feeling stronger in my body makes me feel more confident, happy and energetic!  It reminds me that the journey of exercise is not just to look good, but more to feel good and to feel strong.  For anyone that is on your journey of wellness, keep that in mind.  It's not about being skinny and looking good in a bikini (although that is nice), but about how strong do you feel in your body and in your mind.

Don't get me wrong, I still need cardio.  I find that it helps keep me less high strung and gets my stress out.  But strength training is making me feel so much more comfortable with my body.  After years of infertility and not being able to have my body do the things I wanted it to do, it's nice to be working on making my body stronger and the way it feels when I move later in the day after a good workout.  I'm also really liking seeing how my times are improving for how long I can hold a plank and a wall squat, which is one of the things we're doing every day.  It's like an experiment with strengthening the body.

Let's get strong this year!  Do you do any strength training in your workouts?  Do remember that body resistance exercises are strength training.  You don't always have to pick up weights.


I mainly just stick to walking and jogging. I might try some weights at some points.
Heather Wilson said…
Movement is always good, but remember you don't need weights to do strength training. There are so many body resistance exercises (lunges and squats we've done a lot of!)

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