Tired and Sore

My plan tonight is to go to bed early!  I joined a Facebook group started by my up-line Beachbody coach for a 2-week Core and Legs Challenge.  Every day we are doing 3 core and 3 leg exercises she gives us and then we post how we are doing and cheer the other team mates on.  I've been doing this at night after the boys go to bed, but that was when I did my cardio, which has been helping me lose the final bit of weight.  Tuesday this week, I started waking up at 5AM to get my cardio in, which is great, as I've been wanting to do it in the morning and now I have a reason to.  But I am so tired!!!!  However, the scale was great today and I believe tomorrow will be even better.  I am on track to lose this final bit of weight by the end of the month if I keep this routine up.  I just need some sleep tonight as I've now been waking up early two days in a row.

I am liking the nice soreness I have going on though.  My abs are getting quite strong.  Today, I sneezed at my desk and as those around me are saying "Bless you,"  I'm saying "Ouch!"  Out loud.  Couldn't help it.  The end of these two weeks, I'm sure I'll be in a much better place strength-wise.  But until then sneezes make me react like this....

I'm also totally kicking butt at the office, meeting lots of new people, asking lots of questions and getting better at the role I signed up for last August.  I thought I was doing great since then, but now I've kicked it into overdrive!!!

And the weather here has been so beautiful, we went from cold and all the trees being bare to 80 degree weather and everything so green in what seems like a one week time period.  It almost feels like we went directly from winter to spring, LOL.


Dominika Sygula said…
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Heather Wilson said…
Thanks, Dominika for the comment! I checked out your blog and you are super sweet too. I will stay in touch.
I'm impressed - I'm still sleeping at 5 am :)
Heather Wilson said…
I'm usually asleep too! This is huge for me as I like my sleep in the morning.

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