May Goals - Recap

Where did this month go!!!  It flew by so fast!  I accomplished a lot, but still left a lot more to do and missed my blog friends for the last two weeks of the month!  However, the boys had a great birthday and I'm learning a lot!!!

  • Plan for the boys' birthday on May 29th.  We're not going to have a big party this year, just small with family, but will need to do something for both of their Kindergarten classes and then their YMCA class in the afternoon.

The above picture we went to Whole Foods to find their birthday cake.  We got a pina colada cake, perfect to kick off the summer!

  • Phoebe's Field Hockey schedule - they have a big field hockey tournament on May 30th
  • Register boys for CYFF classes in the fall (these are Catholic Youth Faith classes)
  • Register boys for summer camps at the YMCA for June and one week in August
  • Plan what we want to do in August for vacation - one or two weeks?  where do we want to go and do? Still working on this.  Definitely looking to go north to Massachusetts and Maine
  • Work with boys on sight words and numbers/math skills 
  • Date nights with Tom - we're on a roll with this one!

  • Build my Beachbody Coach business - I'm still trying to decide what my exact goals should be.  I'd like to sign two coaches to become Emerald. I am building my business.  I did not make Emerald this month.  I need to sign up my husband as a coach as he's drinking Shakeology daily now and I'm running out before the next shipment comes in.  Then I need one other coach.  I did get two new customers and signed them up for my first two Challenge Pack sales.  One did Body Beast and the other PiYo.  I'm going to work up a monthly calendar system and continue with the sales, but sign coaches!
  • Blog post 5x a week - I'm getting much better at posting more often.  Now let's get more updates from me other than goals and what we are eating for dinner!  This did not happen, LOL. After mid-May, I got so busy with life!
  • Get up to date on blog reading on Feedly Definitely not!  I miss reading up on all my blog friends!!!
  • Get to the office earlier - 8:30 is the target to meet.  I'm going to start tracking the number of days I meet this goal this month!  June is the month I'm going to make this stick!

Health and Fitness
  • Drop the remaining 6 lbs from last month's goal. Getting there. I'm still at end-of-month stable with the beginning of the month.  However, for two days, I did achieve my best weight ever in the last two years.  I'm going to work this hard in June, as I want muscle, but less of me to have to pull up, around and over obstacles at the Spartan Sprint this July!
  • Elliptical 5x per week I got in 14 days of cardio in May.  Needs some work.  One was a Body Combat class at the YMCA, so that was fun!
  • Stretch or do yoga daily I did stretch most days and made it to one yoga class at the YMCA this month.
  • Meal prep on weekends and/or after grocery shopping - make hummus, salad dressing, prep salads, chop veggies I need to make this a habit

  • Meal planning weekly I will be picking this habit back up in June
  • Take a state of our finances and decide any plans to make changes to budget This needs some work

  • Setup the outside garden with veggies and herbs
  • Paint guest room for Phoebe
  • Declutter the garage
  • Clean out the basement - find out what I can sell to the children's consignment vs. donations
  • Now that the carpet cleaner is fixed and our bedroom carpet is done, I can clean all the carpets in the house  No to this and the two above!!!  I need to get moving on this stuff!
  • Plan/build out where the hot tub is going by contacting/setting up an appointment with a landscape designer.  I have a message into them from their website, but need to follow up as I haven't heard back.  Had the meeting with the landscape designer and have another meeting on June 24th.  Very excited about this


You did great on your goals (look at what you did, not what you didn't)

THOSE BOYS!!!! These kids are all growing too fast :)
Heather Wilson said…
Thank you, Marcia! I am very proud of what I've accomplished! And yes, these boys are getting so big so fast! It seems faster than Phoebe!!!

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