Tommy's Portfolio Breakfast - The End of Kindergarten

Wow!  The boys are officially done Kindergarten and moving onto 1st grade next year.  I really can't believe it!  With Liam being sick this week, things have been crazy.  Tommy had his Portfolio Breakfast this past Tuesday, but only one of us could go, as one had to stay at home with Liam.  Tommy said I should go when we asked him in the morning, but then when he got home from school, he said his dad should have gone.  LOL - little guy, we wish we were both there!

 He has such a different personality from Liam, whereas Liam wanted to hang with us and show us what he had done at school and point out one or two friends, Tommy introduced me to a bunch of his friends.

Liam on his day, was interested in all the treats and choosing the sweet ones he wanted. Tommy couldn't be bothered with going to get a snack.  I chose some treats for him while he kept building  things at the tables in the classroom and he snacked while he kept building. In particular, he loved this rocket he built.

I really enjoyed having the one-on-one time with Tommy and enjoying what he loves and not what us as a group do together.

I hope both boys have a great summer and can't wait to see the great things they do when they move up to 1st grade.


Mrs FF said…
Congrats Tommy and Liam. And congrats mom. A big milestone
Ah, lovely pic of the two of you!

Enjoy the summer, boys. Can't believe it's 1st grade in Sept? Aug?
AiringMyLaundry said…
Cute photos.

I hope they are enjoying their summer!

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