Mercury in Retrograde Can Go Suck Eggs!

Let me just say, if you can't tell from this post title, how much I hate Mercury in retrograde.  According to the Farmer's Almanack, today is the last day.

During this retrograde Mercury cycle, we've had:  two separate issues with Tom's car, lots of work frustration, feeling overwhelmed at both work and home, planning going awry, and to top it all off, Liam has missed the last week of school with high fevers and vomiting.  We're currently on the fourth day of fevers that only both Tylenol and ibuprofen can get down.  Both need to be taken an hour apart from each other and every six hours.  Otherwise, complete chaos ensues.  Poor kid.  When his fever is down, he wants to play and is completely bored with me trying to work from home and pushing fluids and bland food on him.  He currently loves goldfish crackers and Honest Kids juice boxes.  Normally when it comes to juice boxes, I have a rule that we need to finish a box of the same flavor, before moving onto the next box.  Right now, I don't give a sh(t if that is what will keep him interested in drinking down more fluids. We have three different boxes all open, and I'll be opening the fourth (Lemonade! Woo hoo!  Please drink more!) in a few minutes.

We're calling the doctor again this morning.  He was seen Monday evening and they concluded it is a virus.  I called back Tuesday late afternoon with the new vomiting that happened after we left the doctor and they told me this is a virus going around and taking a few days to clear.  We agreed that if he still had a fever Thursday, I'd call back.  So I'll be calling today, as when his fever medicine wore off around 4AM this morning, he had a fever over 103F again.  I still think it's a virus as his ears are clear, throat looks fine and his lymph nodes in his neck that swell when he has an infection are perfectly fine.  He's angry at being sick and I'm feeling bad for him and wishing I knew what would make it go away.  I've never had a child have a fever for four days in a row.  But then again, I don't think I've had a child with a fever on the tail end of mercury in retrograde.

Stay tuned for September 17 - October 9th when all things will go crazy again!


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