Don't I look happy in my new kitchen???

Here's me looking all happy in my new kitchen last weekend standing next to what will be my stove. Behind me the bottom cabinet is the spice rack drawer. I can't wait to make my first meal here!!!


Crystal said…
It looks WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing these pictures. I love new houses. :o) When ours was being built, wild horses couldn't keep me a way.
tammy said…
hey! I love your kitchen!!! Thumbs up! You look really delighted =)
Moo Moo said…
i am so jealous! it's a gorgeous house!
Things are looking really good over there! And you are so pretty :)

That looks like one big kitchen...and the six burner Wolf. OMG this Gourmet is jealous!
Anonymous said…
It's beautiful!
Emily aka madmommy
Fabgirl said…
You look gorgy and that kitchen isn't so bad, either! Congrats!

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